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  • Blu-ray sales up 91% this year

    Good news coming from the Blu-ray camp, sales of Blu-ray disks are up 91%.  If that wasn’t good enough news, standalone player sales are up 25%, bringing the total number of blu-ray playing devices in the US (Including the PS3) to almost 11 million.  The sad thing is that half of that number is PS3 […]

  • Walmart Signals the Death of CDs/DVDs, Looks to the Present and Future

    Greetings Readers! For the past month, maybe more, the local Wal-Marts have been undergoing a major shift.  Nearly everything but groceries have changed their location.  There are now more groceries, less pet supplies, and the electronics department has roughly doubled in size.  Apparently this shift is taking place across the country.  A post on Gizmodo […]