Tag: Dark Tower

  • Gingerbread Eye of Sauron [pic]

    Just in case you haven’t already had a sweet tooth overload with all of the awesome gingerbread creations I have been posting lately like the Bilbo Baggins gingerbread hobbit hole or the Millennium Falcon gingerbread ship, I thought you guys would love to see this awesome looking gingerbread Eye of Sauron! This amazing gingerbread Eye […]

  • This Lord of the Rings Dark Tower Cake is Mind Blowing! [pic]

    Back in April, I posted a picture of a really cool looking Eye of Sauron cake / cupcake tower but as cool as it was, it isn’t half as impressive as this Dark Tower of Barad-dur (aka The Fortress of Sauron) cake. Lord of the Rings fans will have their mind blown by the cake […]