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  • Disney Makes Awesome Chocolate Darth Vader Cupcakes [pic]

    Some might consider this cupcake a chocolate overload (myself included), but this is a chocolate overload of awesomeness! Apparently on Star Wars weekends, Disney’s Hollywood Studios sells these amazing chocolate Darth Vader cupcakes.  I’m not sure how much they are selling them for, but can you really put a price on a Darth Vader cupcake […]

  • Indiana Jones Cupcake [pic]

    I’m not sure if it was planned or just a coincidence, but it seems kind of suspicious that yesterday this Indiana Jones cupcake started making its rounds on the internet the same day that the Indiana Jones blu-ray collection was announced.  I’m guessing its just a coincidence considering Flickr says this photo was taken back […]

  • Jabba the Hutt Cupcake [pic]

    I’m not sure I have ever come across a cupcake I haven’t liked but when people decorate them in awesome and geeky ways, that just makes them even more awesome.  In this particular case, apparently a Star Wars fan has some awesome cupcake making skills and decided that they would make a Jabba the Hutt […]

  • Super Mario Bros Yoshi Foot Tattoos [pic]

    Maybe its just me, but it seems like the top of your foot would be a rather sensitive place to get a tattoo.  Putting up with that kind of pain in a part of the body that isn’t sensitive would be bad enough but to do it on sensitive skin… no way!  Well, at least […]

  • Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Cupcake [pic]

    Will the cupcake eat you or will you eat the cupcake?  That is the question!  Somebody made this amazing Super Mario Bros piranha plant cupcake and it is one of the coolest cupcakes I have ever seen!  Actually, if you are just talking a single cupcake, I think it is the best I have ever […]

  • LEGO Star Wars Cupcake Toppers [pic]

    Is the Force with your cupcakes? It can be now thanks to these awesome looking cupcake toppers! These LEGO Star Wars cupcake toppers (they can be used on cookies too) are hand made, hand painted and completely edible! They take a week to make, 5 days to ship and cost $36 on Etsy but at […]