Tag: creepy

  • Zombie Like Button [pic]

    Facebook isn’t just for normal people, Facebook is for zombies too!  The Facebook Like button has become fairly iconic thanks to the social networks popularity over the past couple of years.  Well, apparently one zombie loving Facebook user decided the Like button wasn’t gross enough so they decided to sever a hand and paint the […]

  • Futurama Professor Farnsworth Bust Is Slightly Scary [pic]

    I’ve often wondered what my favorite cartoon characters would look like in real life but after seeing this, I’m not so sure I want any of them to come to life.  DeviantART user TranzorZ3D made this impressively realistic and creepy looking bust of Futurama’s beloved Dr. Farnsworth character.  I think it would be rather terrifying […]

  • iPad 2 hack lets you see through clothes x-ray style [video]

    It looks like it isn’t just the TSA you have to be worried about when it comes to seeing through your clothes, it is the random iPad 2 owner with his iPad wrapped in plastic wrap as well.  I’ve seen similar hacks with various cameras in the past so I have little doubt that this […]