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  • A cool Minecraft Creeper backpack for kids headed back to school!

    A cool Minecraft Creeper backpack for kids headed back to school!

    From the parents I have talked to, it seems like Minecraft is pretty popular with kids these days.  I haven’t played it myself and I have no kids so I am a little out of touch but if what people tell me is true, I have a feeling there are a lot of kids out […]

  • These Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes Are Blocky Goodness

    There are a ton of people that seem to be huge fans of Minecraft but I can’t say I am one of them.  I have seen a lot of people make some really cool stuff in Minecraft such as Microsoft Office’s Clippy from years ago but beyond recreating stuff in the game, I just don’t […]

  • Spectacular Minecraft Wedding Cake [pic]

    Despite how much people seem to enjoy Minecraft and all of the awesome creations I have seen people make in the game, I still have no real desire to try the game.  It just doesn’t look that interesting to me as I am not one to care about building really cool stuff (I just don’t […]

  • Minecraft Creeper Pop Box Display [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me the awesome things that stock boys can create when they are building a mountain of pop boxes at the grocery store.  In the past, I have posted some rather spectacular Super Mario Bros pop box displays (like this one and this one), but this is the first time I […]

  • Amazing Minecraft Wedding [pics]

    I’ve always thought that having some sort of geeky wedding would be really cool, but not being a Minecraft person, the idea of a Minecraft wedding has never crossed my mind.  However, after seeing this couple’s Minecraft wedding, I think it is a really cool idea! Asia and Matt are the happy couple that decided […]