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  • Amazing TMNT Krang Cosplay [pics]

    Several months ago, I posted a picture of a pregnant woman who painted Krang on her babby bump and while that was really cool and a very clever use for a pregnant belly, it isn’t quite as impressive as this amazing Krang cosplay which is the best I have ever seen!  In fact, this might […]

  • GoldenEye Makes for the Best Costume Ever! [pic]

    Several months ago, I posted a picture of a guy I declared to be the King of Nintendo 64.  It seemed like an obvious title at the time considering he was covered in armor made of Nintendo 64 consoles and game cartridges as well as he had a sword made of a couple of controllers […]

  • Scarlett, Moxxi, Lilith, Salvador, and Psycho Borderlands Cosplay [pic]

    Not only are the Borderlands games really fun, but they seem to inspire some rather spectacular cosplay too!  Previously, I posted some amazing Lilith cosplay as well as some pictures featuring the cosplay of Lilith, Mordecai, and a Psycho which were quite impressive too.  However this time, I found a picture of five Borderlands cosplayers […]

  • Female Assassin’s Creed III Conner Kenway Cosplay [pics]

    Although I have yet to play Assassin’s Creed III even though I bought it at launch, between the videos of the game that I have seen and the amazing cosplay, I am very excited to play it…just as soon as I use up all of my 100+ double XP matches on Halo 4 before they […]

  • This Dead Space 2 Cosplay is Stunning and Scary [pic]

    The survival horror genre of video games has never really been my thing (although I loved F.E.A.R.) so I only played a few minutes of the original Dead Space before moving on to other games and completely forgetting about it, but this cosplay is so good that I might have to consider going and giving […]

  • Pixelated Sim in the Shower Cosplay [pic]

    A while back, I posted about a rather awesome bath towel concept design that basically gave you the pixelated naked look from The Sims games.  Although the towel was never made available for sale as far as I know, that doesn’t seem to have stopped people who really wanted to sport the pixelated Sims look. […]