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  • An Incredibly Beautiful Doctor Who Cookie

    An Incredibly Beautiful Doctor Who Cookie

    The holidays might be over but with tons of cookies still sitting on my stove, I think its safe to say I’ll still be in a cookie mood for a while.  And speaking of delicious cookies, when I saw this incredibly detailed and beautiful Doctor Who cookie, I knew I just had to share it! […]

  • Fantastic Doctor Who Heavenly Host Cookie

    Fantastic Doctor Who Heavenly Host Cookie

    Sometimes it amazes me just how much effort people will put into making something that will just be eaten a short time after its made.  I suppose if I am going to put a lot of effort into something, I want to last a while.  However, if everybody felt that way, I wouldn’t have all […]

  • Amazing Pixelated MegaMan Cookies [pic]

    I am always blown away by the things that the folks over at Nerdache Cakes make.  In the past, I have posted a bunch of their creations including some amazing Legend of Zelda cookies and some amazing Doctor Who TARDIS and 11th Doctor cupcakes.  When it comes to baked goods, they really do make the […]

  • Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

    I’ve never been one for using a cookie jar as I tend to just eat right out of the bag of cookies, but this awesome Star Wars Death Star cookie jar might just be enough for me to change my stance on cookie jars.  I may prefer Star Trek to Star Wars, but this is […]

  • These Super Mario Cookies are awesome! [pic]

    After yesterdays post of some awesome looking R2-D2 cookies, I decided that I would find other pictures of awesome geeky cookies to share with you all.  This morning I found a picture of some really awesome Super Mario Bros. cookies.  I think they remind me most of Super Mario 64 although I suppose they could […]