Tag: cookie cutters

  • Super Mario Bros Cookie Cutters [pic]

    For those that have enough self restraint to allow cookies to make it to passed the cookie dough phase to the actual cookie phase (not me) and have a love for Super Mario Bros, I have found the Super Mario Bros cookie cutters of your dreams! Etsy seller WarpZone is selling these awesome Super Mario […]

  • Doctor Who Cookie Cutters [pic]

    I don’t usually have much use for cookie cutters since the dough is usually eaten long before I could ever think about making cookies with it, but if I could ever avoid the temptation of eating just the cookie dough, I would love to make some Doctor Who cookies with these awesome Doctor Who cookie […]

  • Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters [pic]

    Since I have never been a comic book person, the only time I have ever really enjoyed Spider-Man was on the cartoons from the 90s (sorry, but the movies suck).  However, I think I could really enjoy the cookie version of the Spider-Man comic book!  You can make awesome Spider-Man comic book cookies that look […]

  • Star Wars cookie cutter set [pics]

    I am a big lover of cookies of all kinds (as long as they don’t have nuts) but in my case, it is rare that they ever make it to the oven because I usually prefer just to eat the cookie dough.  Well, for those of you that have the patience required to let cookies […]

  • Ninjabread Men Ninja cookie cutters [pics]

    Lets face it, ninjas are awesome, but have you ever thought of the idea of ninja gingerbread men?  Well apparently some ninja loving cookie eater did and they came up with these awesome Ninjabread Men cookie cutters.  Forget those happy, festive traditional gingerbread men you see at Christmas, it is time to make Christmas the […]