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  • This Incredible Steampunk Computer PC Case Mod is Amazing! [pics]

    Having seen a number of case mod competitions over the years as well as all of the ones I have posted that I have just stumbled across, I am no stranger to amazing pc mods.  However, I think this steampunk case mod might just be the greatest pc case mod I have ever seen! A […]

  • The Millennium Falcon Dual PC/MAC Case Mod [pic + video]

    One of my favorite parts about LAN parties are the case mod competitions that are known to take place.  I’ve seen everything from computers made to look like treasure chests to computers that are built into the tank of toilets.  However, out of all of the case mods I have seen, this Millennium Falcon computer […]

  • Impressive Commodore 64 Birthday Cake [pic]

    Despite the fact that I have been a gamer for over 23 years, I have never once seen a Commodore 64 in person much less owned or played with one.  Were you a Commodore 64 fan in your younger years?  If so, then I think I have found a cake that is going to bring […]

  • Commodore 64 Bass Guitar [pic]

    Back in November, I posted an old NES console that had been turned into a guitar completely expecting to never see anything like that again.  Well, I am very happy to be wrong! Apparently, a really cool computer engineer by the name of Jeri Ellsworth took an old Commodore 64 and turned it into an […]

  • How Great are Laptops for Online Gaming? [Guest Post]

    Ever since the world has been introduced to the wonderful power of computers, the demand for more processing power, while getting smaller, has led to the laptops and tablets of today.  With such processing power at their fingertips, consumers are now expecting things like free laptop deals to entice them in giving up their hard […]

  • Nintendo NES Turned Into a PC [pics]

    If you have a dead Nintendo NES stuffed in a closet somewhere that you aren’t sure what to do with, then you might want to check out this awesome console mod!  A guy by the name of Jamie Regan took an old NES he had and decided to gut it and build a PC inside […]