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  • Introducing my new business, Cyberspace Fortress!

    Introducing my new business, Cyberspace Fortress!

    For a long time, I have had the desire to work for myself so that I can have a little more control over my life and I am finally making that happen by getting business registration China!  Originally, Global Geek News and my other sites were made with the intention of supporting me but even […]

  • Hard Drive Recovery Services [comic]

    Having 1337 computer skills, I have never had the need to take my computer somewhere that I had to have the data on my hard drive recovered (I also back up my data).  However, I have heard many horror stories about people who take their machines in to places like the Geek Squad to have […]

  • Scammers tell guy hard drive has virus, bill for $6 million

    In the past, I have been very critical of the idiots at Best Buy’s Geek Squad and their outrageous prices but I think its safe to say I have finally found somebody worse than them.  The picture below posted on failblog has the whole story but apparently an extremely gullible computer owner was convinced that […]