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  • Cute Batman Cake [pic]

    It seems the Batman loving foodies are coming out of the woodwork this week.  First, it was the cup of Batman black bean soup, and now we have this cute Batman cake!  This isn’t the most detailed cake I have posted before but there is a certain cuteness factor of it that I cannot deny.  […]

  • Mind Blowing Spider-Man Cake [pic]

    I will admit that I am not the biggest Spider-Man fan in the world (that can be blamed on the Spider-Man movies), but I do know an amazing cake when I see one!  This Spider-Man cake definitely falls under the category of too awesome to eat!  Sadly, the baker of this cake is unknown, but […]

  • Awesome Batman Tattoo [pic]

    Generally speaking, if I know a tattoo is not finished because it is going to be part of a larger tattoo, I will refrain from posting about it until the entire work of art is complete.  However, this is one of those exceptions due to the awesomeness of the first part of this Batman themed […]

  • Spider-Man Fondant Figure [pics]

    I may not care much for eating fondant on cakes, but it never ceases to amaze me the great looking things that can be made with it.  In this case, Flickr user bittle made this awesome little Spider-Man figure out of fondant.  Perhaps the most impressive part is that they made this in a hurry […]

  • Star Wars Oven Mitt [pic]

    I may not be much of a cook, but I do know that if you are going to be handling hot dishes in the kitchen, you better have some good oven mitts at your disposal.  You don’t need to get burned just because you are too cheap to buy an oven mitt.  Well, if you […]