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  • The Arcade Sofa You Never Knew You Wanted

    The Arcade Sofa You Never Knew You Wanted

    When it comes to furniture you want in your living room to kick back and play some video games, you are probably like me and thought that a nice big bean bag was the ideal way to go.  After all, you can adjust them for your comfort and you don’t hurt yourself when you accidentally […]

  • Keep Your Feet Warm With These Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers

    Keep Your Feet Warm With These Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers

    I am obsessed with wearing slippers around the house.  I find regular shoes to be too heavy and stiff to comfortably wear while lounging around the house but my feet do tend to get cold so I have turned to slippers and they are wonderful!  For the past several years, I have worn some sheep’s […]

  • Alien-Inspired High-Heel Shoes [Pic]

    I’m not one of those foot fetish people so I generally never look at the shoes that women are wearing, but something shiny like this pair of Alien inspired high-heeled shoes would definitely get my attention.  This looks like probably the least comfortable pair of shoes I have ever seen but they definitely look cool!  […]

  • NES Controller Pillow [pic]

    What better to keep you comfy while playing some vintage video games than with this amazing NES controller pillow.  The fleece NES controller pillow in the picture below measures 26″ x 12″ and is even machine washable!  The best part?  It can be yours!  You can order one of these awesome Nintendo Entertainment System controller […]

  • Floppy disk throw pillow [pic]

    I’ve honestly never understood the purpose of throw pillows.  Maybe its because I am a guy or something.  I guess I just don’t see the purpose of them since they are typically just for decoration and if I buy something, it better have a purpose more than to just look good.  Well, while I still […]

  • Kamasutralap: How to hold your laptop [pic]

    I stumbled across this image a little bit ago called Kamasutralap.  It shows many of the various positions you can use your laptop in.  Unfortunately, I can’t do many of them for more than a few minutes due to back and neck problems.  What position is your favorite for using a laptop?