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  • This TARDIS Snuggie is Fantastic [pic]

    There are few things I enjoy more than relaxing in my bedroom, covered up with one of my snuggies (I have two) and watching some Doctor Who.  Well, if there is one thing that would make that experience even better, it would be if my snuggie looked like the TARDIS.  It seems I am not […]

  • TARDIS Wrist Warmers [pic]

    Having never had the issue of cold wrists, I have never understood the purpose of wrist warmers.  I suppose that could possibly be because I am a guy and I have only seen women wear them, but it still seems kind of odd to me.  However, while most of the ones I have seen have […]

  • Star Trek Tribble Slippers That Purr When You Walk [pic]

    Its that time of year again where your feet will likely be cold for at least the next few months and the best way to remedy that problem is with a pair of slippers.  I wear slippers all year around which is why I go through about a pair a year and these Tribble slippers […]

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan [pic]

    Ever since I picked up a couple of snuggies for dirt cheap off of Woot last year, the afghans and other blankets in my house have been stored away since I never use them.  However, if I had an awesome TARDIS afghan like this, I might be convinced to give sleeveless blankets another shot. Doctor […]

  • Super Mario USB hand warmer mousepad [pic]

    Like many, one of the problems I suffer from is that when I use my computer for an extended period of time, my hand doesn’t get the circulation it should so it gets really cold. This awesome Super Mario USB hand warmer mousepad should fix this problem which is especially bad on cold days. This […]