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  • Awesome Stormtrooper Latte Art

    A long time ago, I posted some Star Wars inspired Stormtrooper latte art that looking back in comparison to all of the other latte art I have posted is so ugly I probably should have never posted it.  It was a decent effort but looking back, it just wasn’t up to the quality standards I […]

  • Colorful Kirby Latte Art [pic]

    For somebody who doesn’t even like to drink lattes, it is rather surprising how much I enjoy seeing latte art.  However, despite all of the latte art I have seen and all of the works of beverage art I have posted on here, I have never seen one that was colored until now. A Japanese […]

  • Fantastic Dalek Latte Art [pic]

    A much as I enjoy traditional art such as music painting, I think my favorite modern art medium is lattes.  Geeky latte art never fails to bring a smile to my face.  While some is better looking than others, I still appreciate the work that geeks put into these awesome beverages.  In the past, I […]

  • Daleks Like Coffee Too! CAFFEINATE!!! [pic]

    Unlike the rest of the world which seems to run on coffee, it has never been something I have cared for.  The taste has never been my favorite but my real issue with it is that I just can’t stand hot beverages.  Anything approaching room temperature or warmer is no-go territory for me.  However, even […]

  • Atari Latte Art [pic]

    While I am not a latte drinker, I am a huge fan of latte art.  It never ceases to amaze me the awesome designs that people will create in these drinks.  For example, in the past I have posted a ton of amazing latte art including some cool Ghostbusters latte art and even some very […]

  • EXTERMINATE Thirst With This Dalek Mug [pic]

    Not being a coffee drinker, I really don’t have much use for mugs.  I think there are a lot of cool ones out there and I even have a few but drinking water out of a coffee mug just feels awkward.  However, for those Doctor Who fans out there that love a cup of joe, […]