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  • Super Mario Question Block Coasters

    Super Mario Question Block Coasters

    Given how sweaty glasses can cause real damage to tables (something I’ve found out the hard way because I was a kid and stupid once), I firmly believe that every geek should have some geeky coasters.  Whether they come in the form of old AOL disks or in my case, Command & Conquer GDI and […]

  • Beautiful Command & Conquer GDI and NOD Wooden Coasters [pic]

    As much as I love shooters and other types of video games, I am an RTS player at heart.  While I spend most of my gaming time these days playing Age of Empires Online and maybe some Age of Empires II HD, my favorite series of RTS games growing up was Command & Conquer.  You […]

  • Legend of Zelda Triforce Drink Coasters [pic]

    While I would personally probably spring for any of the sets of drink coasters that I have posted before like the amazing Stargate SG-1 coasters or the Star Wars coasters, the Legend of Zelda fans will love this awesome Triforce drink coaster set. Etsy seller 27elements is selling this awesome set (4) of Legend of […]

  • Wooden Floppy Disk Coasters [pic]

    I’ve posted some pretty awesome drink coasters in the past like the amazing Stargate SG-1 coasters or the Star Wars coasters, but for the computer lovers old enough to remember what floppy disks are, now we have some wooden floppy disk coasters!  These coasters will bring back computing memories older than your AOL disk coasters […]

  • Final Fantasy Coaster Set [pic]

    I remember spending a considerable amount of my childhood playing Final Fantasy on the NES and the love for that game really makes me want these awesome drink coasters!  This awesome coaster set features the black mage, white mage, red mage, black belt, fighter and thief from the NES classic.  The coolest part is that […]

  • Star Wars Wooden Coasters [pic]

    When it comes to places to set my drink, I have always preferred using old AOL disks as coasters.  Sadly, those are getting hard to come by so I think it is time I upgrade to something really cool like these awesome wooden Star Wars drink coasters!  This set of 4 Star Wars coasters includes […]