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  • Doctor Who TARDIS, Dalek and Cyberman Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Doctor Who TARDIS, Dalek and Cyberman Christmas Tree Ornaments

    About three years ago, I posted about some really cool TARDIS and Dalek Christmas tree ornaments that the BBC was selling.  However, at the time they were going for the rather insane price of $42.61.  Well, they are a lot more affordable now to the point that I would say they are must have ornaments […]

  • This Dalek Christmas Tree is Ready to Exterminate Santa! [pic]

    Its that time of year again when it looks like Santa Clause threw up all over my living room and my neighbor’s front yards after having a little too much eggnog.  While I am not a huge fan of the highly commercialized Christmas holiday and the outrageous electric bill that goes with it, like other […]

  • DIY: Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper [pic]

    Ever since Christianity hijacked Christmas and turned it into a religious holiday, it is traditional to put some sort of angel or star at the top of Christmas trees.  Well, if you are a Doctor Who fan and want to give the traditional angel at the top of your Christmas tree a bit of a […]

  • TARDIS Christmas Tree [pic]

    I know Christmas is over and I don’t plan on posting anything else Christmas related until December 2012, but I just had to post this awesome Doctor Who themed TARDIS Christmas tree.  Its not as impressive as the awesome (and very pink) Dalek Christmas tree I recently posted but it is still pretty cool.  Unfortunately, […]

  • Dalek Christmas Tree [pic]

    Many people like myself like to celebrate Christmas with the Doctor Who Christmas Special but one Whovian went one step further and built a Dalek Christmas tree!  This very bright Dalek seems like the perfect Christmas tree for Doctor Who fans although not being a fan of pink I might have gone with another color […]

  • Portal Christmas Tree [pic]

    I’ve seen and posted some pretty amazing gaming Christmas trees but this one is perhaps the most genius.  I don’t think I am near clever enough to come up with the idea of having a Christmas tree stick into the floor into a portal and come out of the ceiling.  As awesome as this is, […]