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  • Legend of Zelda Collectors Chess Set

    Legend of Zelda Collectors Chess Set

    Back in the day, I wasn’t a half bad Chess player.  I was by no means great and I haven’t met a chess program whose AI can’t kick my butt, but at least when playing humans, I wasn’t half bad.  Sadly, I haven’t played Chess in years now however if I had this amazing Legend […]

  • The Ultimate Batman Chess Set [pic]

    It has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to play chess, but even since I was a kid, it has always been one of my favorite board games (behind Monopoly).  Unlike a lot of board games, chess doesn’t take a big chunk of time to play and most people are familiar […]

  • Star Wars LEGO Hoth Battle Chess Set [pics]

    Its not very often that I find somebody who will play me in chess (I don’t care much for playing computer opponents because they always seem to kick my butt), but I have always enjoyed seeing novelty chess sets like this awesome Star Wars LEGO Hoth battle chess set! This amazing Star Wars LEGO Hoth […]

  • Doctor Who Chess Set [pic]

    I don’t play chess as often as I used to but I have always loved novelty chess sets.  I’ve posted a couple in the past like the Star Wars chess set and the Legend of Zelda chess set but I think this Doctor Who chess set is my all time favorite.  DeviantART user EldalinSkywalker is […]

  • Star Wars Chess Set [pics]

    Like most geeks, I greatly enjoy both Star Wars and playing the occasional game of chess (not to say that I am that great at it but still decent).  Well, as of April of next year, you can enjoy both at the same time!  The amazing looking Star Wars chess set that you can see […]

  • Star Wars LEGO Chess Set [pics]

    I’ve never been much of one for board games in a world that includes video games, but I do enjoy a good game of chess every now and then. I would enjoy it a lot more if I was the proud owner of this awesome LEGO Star Wars chess set! This Star Wars: A New […]