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  • Eve Online’s Gallente Space Station Makes for an Amazing Cake! [pic]

    Not being one for MMORPGs, I can’t say I know much about most of them.  In the case of Eve Online, the only two things I really know about the game is its name and that it takes place in space.  Otherwise, I know absolutely nothing about the game.  However, even though I don’t know […]

  • Amazing World of Warcraft Cake [pic]

    Despite not being a World of Warcraft fan (I’m just not much of an RPG person in general), I can still appreciate a great WoW cake like this one!  Its not every day you see a cake with a dragon sleeping in a volcano! This amazing World of Warcraft cake was created by the awesome […]

  • Spectacular Skyrim Dragon Cake [pic]

    When it comes to cakes, I generally prefer them to not be something that might give me nightmares.  However, this Skyrim cake is so awesome that I wouldn’t even care! The awesome folks over at Charm City Cakes are at it again (they were the ones that made the Pirates of the Caribbean cake and […]

  • This R2-D2 Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

    I’ve posted a bunch of R2-D2 cakes in the past (4 qualifies as a bunch doesn’t it?) and while they have all been amazing, I think this one is perhaps the best!  This amazingly detailed R2-D2 cake looks like it has come straight off the battlefield and is ready to be devoured! This “dirty” looking […]