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  • Fallout Inspired Coffee Sign [pic]

    Some time ago, I posted some amazing Legend of Zelda inspired Link chalk art from a sandwich board at a coffee house called Espresso Blend and it looks like they have an equally awesome Fallout themed specials board now! This Fallout inspired Vault Boy chalk art was created by the chalk artist Sara Jahn for […]

  • 3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art [pic]

    Wouldn’t you love to be strolling down the street and suddenly come across some amazing Super Mario Bros inspired sidewalk chalk art?  I know I would, but not even kids play around much with sidewalk chalk where I live. Well, somewhere, there is a a sidewalk with this amazing 3D Piranha Plant drawn on it […]

  • Game of Thrones Chalk Sign at Starbucks [pic]

    Don’t look now, but summer is coming!  Actually, it already feels like summer around here with temperatures approaching triple digits. Well, for those who haven’t been playing attention to know that summer is coming, some awesome chalk artist at a Starbucks decided to create an awesome Game of Thrones themed sidewalk sign to inform you […]

  • Amazing Batman and Robin Sidewalk Art [pic]

    When I used to watch the old 60s Batman as a kid, I was always enjoyed watching Batman and Robin walk up the side of a building.  Its a strange thing to like but I was a kid at the time and thought the idea of waking up wall was cool.  Well, apparently a street […]

  • Terracotta LEGO Army 3D Street Art [pic]

    Ever since the Terracotta Army was discovered in China back in 1974 it has fascinated so many people that last I heard, it was averaging around 2 million tourists a year.  Apparently some of those fans are also fans of LEGO and street art judging by this fantastic picture of some 3D LEGO street art […]

  • Epic Portal 2 Sidewalk Chalk Art [pic]

    I may avoid chalk like the plague (I hate the dust), but it never ceases to amaze me when people come up with some awesome art with it.  In this particular case, a guy by the name of James Stowe make this amazing bit of Portal 2 (the video game) sidewalk chalk art.  It wouldn’t […]