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  • Handmade Electric C-3PO Star Wars Guitar

    Handmade Electric C-3PO Star Wars Guitar

    Even though I can’t play an instrument, being a huge metalhead, I still enjoy seeing really cool custom guitars.  I’ve posted a ton of custom guitars in the past including a Koopa Troopa electric guitar, a stunning Halo guitar and even a Lord of the Rings acoustic guitar and I think the C-3PO guitar below […]

  • Stellar Star Wars Sugar Cookies [pic]

    Like every other living human, I am a huge fan of sugar cookies.  Thanks to the large amount of them that happened to be around the house this past Christmas, I am still trying to lose all of the holiday weight I gained because of them.  However, it is probably a good thing there weren’t […]

  • Star Wars R2-D2 C-3PO Painted Christmas Ornament Set [pic]

    One of the nice things about Christmas is that in most homes, everybody in the house gets to celebrate it with a little bit of their personality.  In my house, that has always been with stockings that represented something each of us loved, like a hunting themed stalking for my dad for example.  Another great […]

  • These R2-D2 and C-3PO Ice Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind! [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me what people can create out of a block of ice.  In the past, I have posted a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ice luge as well as an AT-AT ice sculpture.  Well, it seems like yet another ice sculpting artist is also a fan of Star Wars because they […]

  • Star Wars Characters in KISS Face Paint [pic]

    I know that the rock and roll band KISS has a pretty hardcore following here on Earth, but until I saw this picture, I would have never guessed that they were big in a galaxy far far away as well!  I would have never thought that Yoda was a rock and roll kind of person […]

  • Amazing Star Wars Home Theater [pics]

    In the past, I posted some pictures of a mind blowing Pirates of the Caribbean home theater but for those who prefer prefer to watch a movie from a galaxy far, far away, here are some pictures of an amazing Star Wars home theater! This mind blowing Star Wars home theater features not only the […]