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  • Incredible Geeky Stained Glass Lamps

    Incredible Geeky Stained Glass Lamps

    Stained glass isn’t exactly cheap so I have never owned any, but if I was to ever own a stained glass lamp, it would have to be one of these amazing and geeky ones below!  In the past I have posted some pretty cool stained glass creations like this Halo Master Chief helmet lamp and […]

  • Magnificent Borderlands 2 Desktop PC Mod

    There are a lot of people that love the Borderlands games, myself included, but I don’t think there are many people who would go this far to show off just how much they love the games.  In the past, I have posted some really cool Borderlands cakes like the Claptrap grooms cake and the Borderlands […]

  • Scarlett, Moxxi, Lilith, Salvador, and Psycho Borderlands Cosplay [pic]

    Not only are the Borderlands games really fun, but they seem to inspire some rather spectacular cosplay too!  Previously, I posted some amazing Lilith cosplay as well as some pictures featuring the cosplay of Lilith, Mordecai, and a Psycho which were quite impressive too.  However this time, I found a picture of five Borderlands cosplayers […]

  • Spectacular Lilith Cosplay from Borderlands 2 [pics]

    Thanks to all of the fantastic games that have come out recently, I haven’t got around to finishing the first Borderlands game so I could start on Borderlands 2, but maybe with the holidays coming up, I will finally have some time to get that accomplished.  In the meantime, I can always enjoy stunning Borderlands […]

  • Borderlands Psycho Cake [pic]

    For those that are huge fans of the Borderlands games and are currently enjoying Borderlands 2 (I am still back on the first one), I figured you would enjoy seeing this awesome Borderlands Psycho cake!  Its not quite the mind blowing cake that the Claptrap groom’s cake was that I posted recently, but it is […]

  • Spectacular Borderlands Claptrap Groom’s Cake [pic]

    I just recently got around to playing Borderlands in preparation for Borderlands 2 that came out yesterday, and I have to say that so far I love the Claptrap character.  Apparently I am not the only one with a love for the little robot judging by this amazing Claptrap groom’s cake! This amazingly realistic Borderlands […]