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  • Luigi’s Mansion Jack-o-Lantern of Awesome

    Luigi’s Mansion Jack-o-Lantern of Awesome

    Luigi’s Mansion is one Nintendo game I haven’t got around to checking out but it must be pretty good if it is inspiring pumpkin carvings like this incredible Luigi’s Mansion Jack-o-Lantern which features both a terrified looking Luigi and a Boo! With Halloween just a few days away, when I saw this Luigi’s Mansion Jack-o-Lantern, […]

  • Super Mario Bros Boo Pumpkin Carving [pic]

    What do you think is the best way for a Super Mario Bros fan to celebrate Halloween?  A Mario or Princess Peach costume perhaps?  Those are both good ideas but they don’t seem quite as fitting for the holiday as a Boo (the ghost) pumpkin carving! While I don’t know who the skilled pumpkin carver […]

  • Super Mario Boo vs Doctor Who Weeping Angel T-Shirt [pic]

    Why must t-shirt makers create such awesome t-shirts that I have no choice but to buy them?  My closet is already full of geeky t-shirts and now I feel compelled to buy this one to add to my wardrobe! It never ceases to amaze me how well the Super Mario Bros universe and the Doctor […]

  • Super Mario Bros + Ghostbusters = Boo Busters T-Shirt [pic]

    When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?  Video game plumbers!  OK, perhaps that isn’t as catchy as the original Ghostbusters theme but it sounds about right for this awesome t-shirt!  Apparently being plumbers isn’t enough for Mario and Luigi to pay the bills so they moonlight as Ghostbusters.  If it […]

  • Super Mario Bros Meets Paranormal Activity [pic]

    I’ve seen the first two Paranormal Activity movies and found them to be not scary at all and very over-hyped.  As somebody who lives in a haunted house, that kind of stuff doesn’t scare me.  However, I would have probably really loved the movies if the ghosts had been the Boo character from the Super […]