Tag: Black Friday 2008

  • Top 10 Geek Gifts for the 2008 Holiday Season

    Greetings Readers! Its almost that time of year again, when geeks either get the cool gadgets that they have been wanting thanks to holiday sales or are given the gifts they have been wanting by people that love them.  Whether you are looking for some great gadgets to get for yourself or that lovable geek […]

  • Retailers Don’t Understand Black Friday

    Greetings Readers! It is almost that time of year again, to line up with dozens or hundreds of people at insane hours after a night of shoveling as much turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie in our face as humanly possible, all in the name of getting a bargain.  That’s right, Black Friday, the day […]

  • Circuit City Puts One Foot in the Grave, Hopes it isn’t Shoved In

    Greetings Readers! In case you haven’t opened your feed reader or checked your favorite tech blogs today, there is more bad news surrounding Circuit City.  They have announced the closing of 155 stores across the country (list here).  This of course comes on top of the news last week that Sony has stopped shipments to […]