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  • A Hand Painted R2-D2 Birdhouse [pic]

    Stick this post in the category of strange things I would have never imagined that I would see.  Apparently some Star Wars loving Etsy seller by the name NirdHaus who has a passion for birds decided to decorate a little bird house to look like R2-D2 and put it up for sale.  The LED light on […]

  • Angry Birds USB flash drives [pics]

    Although I rarely depend on USB flash drives these days thanks to the wonder that is Dropbox, I still keep at least two on me at all times just in case.  If you are like me and always carry USB drives with you and have an addiction to Angry Birds, you can combine the two […]

  • Angry Birds cartoon landing soon

    It seems like every day, there is more news about Angry Birds taking over the world.  In just the past month, there have been stories hitting the internet about an Angry Birds carnival game in China, an Angry Birds board game and even Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7 in a few months.  While […]