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  • Giant Super Mario Bros 3 Start Screen Made With Beads [pics]

    Even when I was a kid, I don’t recall ever doing any bead crafts although I remember seeing them occasionally at craft shows I was dragged to (I wasn’t a craft lover back then and unless it is a geeky craft, I’m still not a big craft type of person).  However, I have never seen […]

  • Spectacular Legend of Zelda Link Bead Art [pic]

    While I appreciate art in all of its forms whether it is a painting, sculpture or whatever, I think my favorite medium is beads.  You don’t see very many people making cool stuff out of beads which makes it kind of rare but I think that is also part of the appeal.  In the past, […]

  • Link and Zelda Coat Rack [pic]

    If there is one problem I have, it would be my excess of coats and a lack of places to put them.  I don’t wear my coats very often anyway, so having a place to hang them when I am not wearing them would be rather handy.  Well, if I ever decide to get a […]

  • Legend of Zelda Bead Sprite is the World’s Largest [pic]

    A few weeks ago, I was browsing Reddit and saw this amazing bead sprite which was made to look like the Legend of Zelda title screen from the old NES classic.  Unfortunately, I forgot to share it on here until I heard the news that it now holds the record for the world’s largest beaded […]