Tag: Battlefield 3

  • Xbox 360 with Battlefield 3 Birthday Cake [pic]

    When it comes to first person shooters, especially the Battlefield games, I am a PC gamer.  I like my consoles, but when it comes to shooters, you can’t beat the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard.  Well, it seems like not everybody would agree with me by the looks of this awesome Xbox 360 cake […]

  • Battlefield 3 Case Mod with Chain Gun and Drink Cooler [pic + video]

    I have always been fascinated by desktop case mods.  I may not have the skills to make them but to see a computer made out of things like a treasure chest or toilet is just awesome.  In this case, Brian Carter from Bod-Mods was commissioned to make this amazing Battlefield 3 case mod.  This amazing […]

  • Battlefield 3 computer [pic]

    I love seeing people do something to make their computers stand out from all of the others.  Personally, I have this amazing looking decal on my MacBook Pro.  It seems even the Dice team developing Battlefield 3 like to make their PCs look special.  Below is a picture of a Battlefield 3 themed PC taken […]