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  • Incredible Star Wars Lightsaber Duel At Fencing World Championship

    Incredible Star Wars Lightsaber Duel At Fencing World Championship

    While I can’t say that fencing is a sport I have any interest in, if fencing competitions around here featured an epic Star Wars lightsaber duel like the one in the video below, I’d actually go to a competition! The video below was taken at Fencing Senior World Championships Moscow 2015 and it features an […]

  • Star Wars LEGO Hoth Battle Chess Set [pics]

    Its not very often that I find somebody who will play me in chess (I don’t care much for playing computer opponents because they always seem to kick my butt), but I have always enjoyed seeing novelty chess sets like this awesome Star Wars LEGO Hoth battle chess set! This amazing Star Wars LEGO Hoth […]

  • Pokemon Grading Stamp for Teachers [pic]

    When I was a kid, my teachers just used a red pen to grade papers although I wouldn’t exactly consider any of my teachers cool.  Also, none of them were gamers, so this stamp is probably something they never would have used.  However, I’m sure there are some Pokemon loving teachers out there who would […]

  • Professor Oak Wants to Fight! Uh-oh! [pic]

    Back when I played the Pokemon games, once I had a good handle on battle strategy and what level my Pokemon needed to be in different parts of the world, I never had any issues kicking butt and taking names.  However, I never went up against anybody that has as many Pokemon as Professor Oak.  […]

  • Pokemon Excel Spreadsheet Art [pic]

    If there is one thing I love, it is using programs for things they weren’t intended.  In this case, I am talking about using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software for making art.  In the past, I have posted some Mario and Zelda spreadsheet art as well as some Batman spreadsheet art but this Pokemon spreadsheet art […]

  • Real life war Xbox achievements [funny video]

    I have heard about UAV pilots in the Air Force being called Nintendo Pilots but this hilarious College Humor video takes the idea of gamers in the military to an extreme.  The video below shows a squad of soldiers more concerned about getting Xbox achievements in real life more than they are about their own […]