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  • The Ultimate Star Wars Toilet [pic]

    Having gone through a couple of toilet seats over the past couple of years, I have noticed that they just don’t seem to make them with the same quality that they used to.  They use to make toilet seats that lasted me for years and now I seem to be going through one every year […]

  • Star Wars Art Shower Curtain [pic]

    Are you looking for a way to geek up your shower but perhaps you aren’t a big enough science lover to hang the Periodic Table shower curtain we posted in the past or make your own Pac-Man shower curtain like the one I posted back in October?  Then I think I have the solution for […]

  • DIY Pac-Man Shower Curtain [pic]

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the shower curtains that you find at various retail stores as they seem to be more designed for a women’s sense of fashion more than a geeks sense of fashion.  You can find some geekier ones online like the Periodic Table shower curtain available from ThinkGeek for $30 […]

  • Amazing Mario, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man Bathroom [pics]

    Not too long after I changed focus from Global Geek News being a tech news and opinion site to a geek culture site, I posted about a mind blowing Super Mario Bros bathroom.  I honestly never expected to see something like that again, much less one that was even cooler.  Well, here it is! Somebody […]

  • Giant Futurama Leela Bathroom [pic]

    My first reaction when I saw this picture was that I found the cleverness of this idea to be quite impressive.  The idea of using the toilet paper dispenser as Leela’s eye for a giant image of Leela is kind of cool although now I just find the whole thing kind of creepy.  I mean, […]

  • It’s A Crap! [pic]

    There is nothing like a Star Wars bathroom joke to brighten your day and this is perhaps the most clever one I have seen since the Darth Vader urinal.  I don’t know if this is available to buy somewhere or if this was a custom made toilet seat but having Admiral Ackbar yell It’s a […]