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  • Darth Vader Rocks This Cake [pic]

    Most people might think it is kind of odd to imagine Darth Vader rocking out but I would disagree.  My favorite band, Epica (a symphonic metal band for those who haven’t heard of them), is known to play a metal version of the Imperial March at their concerts which is always a highlight for me […]

  • Commodore 64 Bass Guitar [pic]

    Back in November, I posted an old NES console that had been turned into a guitar completely expecting to never see anything like that again.  Well, I am very happy to be wrong! Apparently, a really cool computer engineer by the name of Jeri Ellsworth took an old Commodore 64 and turned it into an […]

  • Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Bass Guitar [pic]

    After the huge backlash of comments that I got correcting me on the Millennium Falcon guitar that I posted that was actually a bass guitar (the most comments ever on a Global Geek News post), I think I know the difference now so I will call this Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield guitar a bass […]