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  • Delicious Looking Balloon Shaped Dalek Cookies

    Delicious Looking Balloon Shaped Dalek Cookies

    As much as I love cookies, I will never bake them.  It is not that I don’t have the baking skill to do so as I spent a good part of my childhood baking cookies with my grandmother, it is simply that I enjoy the dough much more than the actual cookies so I eat […]

  • This Balloon Dalek Costume is Amazing

    While I admit that balloon animals can be really cool, especially the ones i have posted in the past like the epic Master Chief balloon animal I posted a long time ago or the Sonic the Hedgehog balloon animal.  However, it is not often that I will see one in person because where there are […]

  • Epic balloon animal Master Chief [pic]

    We have posted some really awesome and geeky balloon animals in the past but none on this level.  Unlike the Super Mario balloon animal and the Legend of Zelda Link balloon animal that have been posted in the past here on Global Geek News, this Master Chief balloon animal is HUGE!  If I had to […]