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  • Amazing Star Wars Cars!

    Amazing Star Wars Cars!

    I always get really excited when I see some sort of geeky vehicle on the road.  A few blocks from my house there is a truck with an amazing God of War tailgate and I’ve even seen an Ghostbusters Ecto-1 pickup driving around.  Well, while I haven’t seen any of these amazing Star Wars cars […]

  • Keep your car cool with this Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Sunshade

    Keep your car cool with this Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Sunshade

    Summer will be here soon which means one thing, your vehicle will turn into an oven!  However, Zelda fans can help keep thier car or truck a little cooler while it sits in the summer sun with this awesome Legend of Zelda Hylian crest sunshade! Where I live, many days during the summer tend to […]

  • Boba Fett Themed Car

    Boba Fett Themed Car

    Largely due to the expense of fancy paint jobs and such, I have never really had any desire to make my car look especially geeky and it has been recently tuned up with with a Cummins Holset turbocharger in stock.  I have thought about putting some sort of digital sign on it that I could […]

  • This Custom Painted Jurassic Park Car is Amazing [pic]

    Thanks to my job, I get to see all kinds of interesting modifications people make to their cars.  Around here nobody really goes too crazy with modifications outside of a fancy stereo or really expensive wheels on a car that is probably only worth what it weighs in scrap metal.  Sadly, nobody does anything near […]

  • Forget Toyota, I Want to Drive a Toyoda! [pic]

    When it comes to cars or “check my car“, I have always been a pretty practical person.  I just want something that can get me where I am going safely, reliably, cheaply and has a decent stereo.  So far, my Dodge Stratus (and Plymouth Breeze before that) have filled all of those roles and while […]

  • R2-D2 Themed Vespa [pic]

    Around here, you almost never see anybody riding a Vespa.  With this being Colorado, the weather can change in 5 minutes and you really don’t want to be caught out riding a Vespa during a sudden snowstorm.  However, we do have some nice days where I am and on those days, it would be kind […]