Tag: arts and crafts

  • Doctor Who Crocheted TARDIS Blanket [pic]

    We haven’t had much of a winter here so I think I have only had to reach for a blanket twice this season, but I have to admit that my blanket isn’t as cool as this TARDIS blanket.  I use a snuggie to stay warm on those cold days and while I can no longer […]

  • Amazing Halo Master Chief Stained Glass Helmet Lamp [pic]

    Stained glass feels like a bit of a lost art these days.  It seems kind of rare to see it outside of big churches which I find to be an absolute shame.  I’ve posted some really geeky stained glass creations in the past such as the Halo Legendary Spartan Shield stained glass and the Half […]

  • Mini Star Wars AT-ST Models Made from Popsicle Sticks [pic]

    I remember as a kid that a lot of people would collect Popsicle sticks to do arts and crafts but unless I had to do stuff like that in school or something, I never really messed with them as I wasn’t the arts and crafts type.  After I finished eating a Popsicle, I would enjoy […]

  • Light-Up TARDIS Lapel Pin Changes Colors [pic]

    I really envy people who have the crafting skills to make their own geeky creations.  As a kid, I hated doing arts and crafts stuff (video games were my thing), but now I really wish I had tried to enjoy it because I see and post all kinds of amazing things that people create with […]

  • Doctor Who Papercraft Sonic Screwdrivers [pic]

    For those that love science fiction and papercraft, I have posted a ton of cool sci-fi papercraft in the past including a 3D papercraft Darth Vader, a Battlestar Galactica papercraft Viper and even a papercraft Cylon Raider.  However, this is the first Doctor Who papercraft I have ever posted and it is amazing! Blogger and […]

  • Star Wars Jedi Origami [pic]

    The love for origami in the geek community seems to be growing because now somebody has taken the art of paper folding to the Star Wars universe.  Its been too long since I have watched all of the Star Wars movies to know if this is supposed to be a specific character or if this […]