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  • Mind Blowing Skyrim Dovahkiin in Full Daedric Armor Cosplay [pics]

    In the past, I have posted some pretty mind blowing Skyrim cosplay as well as some really nice Aela the Huntress Skyrim cosplay but this Dovahkiin in full Daedric armor cosplay blows them out of the water.  If it was possible to have cosplay that looks too amazing, I think this might just be it.  […]

  • Forget About Iron Man, Iron Woman Armor is Sexier [pic]

    Its pretty common to see people sporting some Iron Man cosplay these days, but I don’t think I have ever seen an Iron Woman cosplay or even just women in an Iron Man suit. After seeing this amazing Iron Woman armor, I can’t imagine why there aren’t some women who create some great Iron Woman […]

  • Wearable LEGO Master Chief Armor [pic]

    Just when I thought yesterday’s balloon animal Master Chief creation was really cool, this amazing wearable LEGO Master Chief armor came along and blew those balloons right out of the water.  The amazing LEGO armor below took six months to create and I would say it was definitely worth the effort.  I wish I knew […]

  • Pokemon card dress [pic]

    I’ve seen clothing made out of some crazy things in the past but never out of Pokemon cards.  Apparently the girl in this picture has an extreme love of Pokemon to the point that she took a bunch of Pokemon trading cards and made a dress, some armor and a sword out of them.  For […]