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  • Its time to go Dark Mode by default

    Its been years since I have done an opinion piece style blog post rather than just posting cool things like my astrophotography other various other geeky things I find.  However, lately I’ve been wanting to branch out a little from the usual and do other things like some longer opinion pieces so here we go!  […]

  • Windows Phone 7 passes 5,000 apps while Android hits 200,000

    A pair of stories have surfaced today showing the latest app numbers from Windows Phone 7 and Android. Windows Phone 7 has reportedly now hit 5,000 apps in its marketplace.  The average app cost on WP7 is currently $1.51.  Of those 5,000 apps, over 1,100 are games which is a rather impressive number.  To check […]

  • Coming soon to the Global Geek News Blog: Reviews!

    Greetings readers! I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but I have decided that from now on, I am going to start giving reviews of all of my new tech toys and software.  Whether its a new iPhone app or a new television, I am going to start reviewing everything I get.  I […]