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  • Awesome Angry Birds Star Wars Chewbacca Bird Cake

    Of all of the Angry Birds games (which I play almost all of them daily), I think the Star Wars version is my favorite.  It doesn’t feel quite as difficult as some of the other Angry Birds games can be which is nice from a frustration point of view but I also prefer the birds […]

  • Incredibly Cute Angry Birds Birthday Cake [pic]

    With as popular as the popular pig killing game, Angry Birds has become, it is no surprise that everybody seems to be asking for an Angry Birds cake for their birthday these days.  In the past, I have posted a ton of Angry Birds cakes (just search for Angry Birds cakes on the right to […]

  • Another Amazing Angry Birds Star Wars Cake [pic]

    Like many people, I have probably spent much more time than I would care to admit playing the Angry Birds games.  Whether it is the original, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons or even Angry Birds Star Wars, I have played them all and one could make the case that I might be slightly addicted […]

  • The Force Was Definitely Used to Make This Angry Birds Star Wars Cake [pic]

    Angry Birds cakes and Star Wars cakes are quite common these days, but you don’t see too many Angry Birds Star Wars cakes.  In fact, I think the only one I have seen before today is the Angry Birds Star Wars cake I posted a while back with a giant Chewbacca bird on it.  Well, […]

  • This Angry Birds Star Wars Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

    Kids today are very lucky.  They seem to be getting these awesome and geeky cakes that I definitely never had as a kid.  The closest thing to a cool cake I ever remember having was one with a plastic Garfield figure playing golf on the cake.  I certainly was never lucky enough to get the […]

  • Angry Birds Star Wars Cookies [pic]

    Having a love for both Star Wars and Angry Birds, I have been addicted to playing Angry Birds Star Wars HD on my iPad 2 since the day it came out.  I’m not sure why, but I seem to have a slight obsession with getting 3 stars on every level of every Angry Birds game […]