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  • Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan [pic]

    Ever since I picked up a couple of snuggies for dirt cheap off of Woot last year, the afghans and other blankets in my house have been stored away since I never use them.  However, if I had an awesome TARDIS afghan like this, I might be convinced to give sleeveless blankets another shot. Doctor […]

  • This Donkey Kong Blanket is Amazing! [pic]

    Like many old school gamers, Donkey Kong will always be one of my favorite video games.  I don’t even know how many hours of my childhood were spent climbing ladders as Mario and jumping over barrels that Donkey Kong would roll my way. Well, for those out there who also have a love for the […]

  • Yoshi Egg Baby Blanket [pic]

    I can’t really say I have ever been a huge fan of non-traditional shaped blankets, but next to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina blanket I posted about recently, this is one of the coolest blankets I have ever seen!  It might not be as practical as my snuggie, but what baby really needs a blanket […]