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  • Doctor Who Cyberman Cufflinks [pic]

    As somebody who only wears t-shirts, cufflinks are among the last things I have any use for, but I still admire geeky cufflinks.  In the past, I have posted some pretty geeky cufflinks like the Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield cufflinks and the Pac-Man cufflinks, but being a big Doctor Who fan, I think these […]

  • Cute Worms Jewelry [pic]

    Thanks to the availability of the turn based strategy Worms games on so many different platforms, I spend quite a bit of time playing Worms games.  I fell in love with the games as a kid and I still play a few rounds every day as a way to kill a few minutes between tasks […]

  • Star Wars Death Star Earrings [pic]

    Are you a Star Wars fan that likes to dangle things from your ears?  If you screamed yes loud enough to wake up the neighbors, then I have found the Death Star earrings for you! Etsy seller sudlow is selling these chic Star Wars Death Star earrings for $45. I’m not sure if its a […]

  • A TARDIS Purse That is Bigger on the Inside [pic]

    The sad thing about all of the TARDIS stuff I have posted is that unlike the real TARDIS, they aren’t bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside.  Well, I suspect you could actually make that claim about this TARDIS purse! Considering purses tend to take up more space when they are full […]

  • R2-D2 Cameo Necklace [pic]

    For the necklace wearing people out there with a major love for Star Wars, I came across this awesome R2-D2 cameo necklace with an antique brass chain.  Etsy seller priestessalem is selling this awesome geeky fashion statement for just $17.  As awesome as this is, I think I will stick with my Gears of War […]

  • Darth Vader Hair Bow [pic]

    Even if I didn’t keep my hair super short, I still don’t think you would ever catch me sporting any kind of bow in my hair.  I’m sure there is a guy somewhere that can pull them off but I’m not that guy.  However, if you do like to wear bows in your hair and […]