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  • 3D Printed Darth Vader Mask to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

    3D Printed Darth Vader Mask to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

    If you have been following the latest news from the CDC, we are all supposed to be wearing masks now when we go out in public to help prevent getting or especially transmitting the COVID-19 Carona Virus.  However, the good masks have to (and should be) saved for medical professionals so that leaves the rest […]

  • Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me the cool things that can be built with 3D printers.  Back when I was in high school, my school had a 3D printer that some of the students had the pleasure to use (not me unfortunately), but that was back when the average person owning one wasn’t practical.  The […]

  • 3D Printed GLaDOS Ring [pic]

    Every time I see something cool that was made with a 3D printer, it REALLY makes me want to get a 3D printer.  I just wish that they were a bit more affordable.  I just bought a new printer a couple nights ago and it was just $60.  Why can’t they be that cheap?!  Anyway, […]

  • Printable, Raceable R/C Mario Kart Koopa Shell [pic]

    I have long desired to fire a koopa turtle shell or two at the idiot drivers around here that like to cut me off and try to run me off the road.  Sadly, Mario Kart type koopa shells have never existed…until now!  These still wont do too much to the idiot drivers around here but […]

  • Möbius Cake [pic]

    Most geeks are familiar with the Möbius Strip, but what about the Mobius cake?  Well, now you can say you have finally seen a Möbius cake!  The cake in the picture below weights a whopping 8 pounds!  It was created with one of those fancy 3D printers called the CandyFab 4000.  I’ve always thought it would be cool […]