Tag: 2011

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Cosplay from Dragon*Con [pic]

    For a convention whose name would lead you to believe is just about dragons, there seems to be a lot of sci-fi cosplay that went on at the show.  In this particular case, I have seen these two Doctor Who fans show up in multiple pictures from the event sporting their great TARDIS cosplay.  Both […]

  • Rainbow Stormtrooper [pic]

    Apparently even the galactic empire likes to celebrate some gay pride because the colorful Star Wars Stormtrooper in the picture below was spotted at a New York City pride march this week.  I think the rainbow is a cool edition to the traditional Stormtrooper gear but I think all the stickers are a bit much. […]

  • Record 750 Million photos posted to Facebook for New Years

    Image via Wikipedia Today, Facebook announced on its twitter account that a record 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook during the New Years 2011 weekend.  That is a lot of pictures on a single social networking site!  Anybody with a guess how many pictures showed drunk people?  Anyway, that number is really impressive and […]