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  • Foursquare grew by 3400% in 2010 [infographic]

    Foursquare has posted an amazing infographic detailing just how good 2010 was for them.  Not only did the service grow by 3400%, but they had some really interesting check-in information such as which states had the most gym check-ins, what were the most popular hotels and much more!  They also announced that they hit 6 […]

  • Stats for the Internet in 2010

    Image via Wikipedia A company called Pingdom has realeased some very impressive statistics for the state of the internet in 2010.  It is worth checking out all of the stats given in the previous link but here are some of the highlights that I found most interesting. 107 Trillion emails were sent in 2010, 89.1% […]

  • Top 5 posts on Global Geek News in 2010

    I thought it would be interesting to share the top 5 most viewed posts on Global Geek News in 2010 so here they are! Motorola i1 Android phone rooted Kinect puts on an amazing IR light show 6 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 4 today Best computer commercial ever! How to pronounce ASUS […]

  • Global Geek News Podcast #44

    Here are the shownotes for episode #44 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: nVidia denies x86 chip rumors, pushes Fermi back to 2010 Got friends?  Now you can thank Facebook Myspace traffic drop costs News Corp. $100 million Sony’s PSPgo sells […]