Like many geeks, I have a tremendous love for all things science related.  I am especially obsessed with space.  Whether it is how galaxies form or what the robots on Mars are finding, I spend quite a bit of my spare time learning everything I can about the universe around me.

Mars is probably one of the things I am most interested in and I plan on being among the first people to apply to live on Mars when the Mars One program starts taking applications later this year.  Without going into details as to why, lets just say I want on the first one way trip off of this planet I can get a seat on!  Anyway, if you have a love for Mars like I do, now you have the opportunity to own a piece of it!

The amazing people over at ThinkGeek are now selling tiny bits of Mars rock for just $24.99!  In case you are worried, these are not fakes!  These are 2mg pieces of Martian shergottite NWA 4930, 4880, 4468, 998, Tissint and others from northern Africa.  Each piece comes with a card describing the rocks history so you can know everything about your precious Martian rock.

One thing to keep in mind is that I don’t expect these to be available for very long.  It is a pretty reasonable price and pieces of Mars don’t come along that often so this might be your only chance to own a piece of the red planet so I would jump on this while you can!  I know I will be ordering one today!

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Mars Meteorite

Mars Rock

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Only about once a week do I ever eat breakfast but one of my favorite breakfast foods is pancakes.  Whether they are plain old pancakes, pumpkin pancakes or New York cheesecake pancakes, I love them all!  Not only are the delicious, but pancakes are cool!  Especially when they are Doctor Who themed pancakes!

Speaking of Doctor Who themed pancakes, these awesome pancakes (which I am guessing are some sort of cinnamon pancakes) are made to look like the TARDIS and the 11th Doctor complete with bow tie and fez!  These delicious looking Doctor Who pancakes were created by an Irish Whovian named Elaine.  I’d say she did a fantastic job!  I know I would eat them although I’m going to need some maple syrup first.

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TARDIS and 11th Doctor  Pancakes

Doctor Who TARDIS and 11th Doctor Pancakes

[Source:  Doctor Who on Facebook]

If there are two things would make for natural lollipops, it would be the Death Star and the Eye of Sauron.  I posted about the Death Star lollipops last week so I figured today would be a great day to feature some Eye of Sauron lollipops.  Nothing says I’ve got my eye on you quite like some Eye of Sauron lollipops.

Etsy seller designerlollipop (the same person that created the Death Star lollipops) is selling these amazing and borderline creepy looking Eye of Sauron lollipops for $13.  You get 6 of the lollipops in your order and they are cherry flavored.

I don’t know how you can get this kind of detail on a lollipop but they look amazing!

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Lord of the Rings Lollipops

Eye of Sauron Lollipops

[Source:  Etsy]

Most people might think it is kind of odd to imagine Darth Vader rocking out but I would disagree.  My favorite band, Epica (a symphonic metal band for those who haven’t heard of them), is known to play a metal version of the Imperial March at their concerts which is always a highlight for me (you can find tons of videos of them playing it on YouTube).  The only thing that would make it better is if they were dressed up as Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers.  Well, speaking of the idea of Darth Vader rocking out, how about imagining that in the form of a cake!

This awesome Star Wars cake with Darth Vader rocking out on what appears to be a bass guitar was created by Cakes By Pixie Pie.  It might not be the biggest looking Star Wars cake I have ever seen but it is still pretty cool.

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Darth Vader Bass Guitar and Death Star Cake

Darth Vader and Death Star Cake

[Source:  Cakes By Pixie Pie via Between the Pages]

To protect my iPad, I have a nice leather case.  When I bought it, I never really cared much about the case, I just got it because it had a bluetooth keyboard that came attached to it (with magnets).  However, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and certainly wasn’t worth the money.  The iPad’s virtual keyboard was far easier to type on as the bluetooth keyboard keys were far too small and easy to hit something you didn’t want and having a bluetooth keyboard sucked the iPad battery dry very quickly.  So, I tossed the keyboard and just use it as a case.  However, I might be willing to part with it to make my iPad look like Worf’s uniform!

Etsy seller KnitterWho is selling this awesome knitted Star Trek TNG Worf’s uniform iPad case for just $30.  Any iPad owning Star Trek: The Next Generation fan will love this!

One thing I should note is that they are calling this a cozy rather than a case and I’m not sure what the difference is.  Considering it covers more than just the screen, I wouldn’t call it a cover so I would say it more fits the definition of a case but what do I know?  Perhaps calling it an iPad sleeve would be the most accurate but I guess it doesn’t really matter much.

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Star Trek Worf Uniform iPad Sleeve

Star Trek Worf Uniform iPad Case

[Source:  Etsy]

Who is your favorite Star Trek captain?  Kirk?  Picard?  Janeway?  My favorite is Sisko although I don’t think there are any that I don’t like (although I can’t say I am fond of the Kirk in the new Star Trek movies).  Well, no matter who you favorite captain is, as long as you love Star Trek and the look of 8-bit video games, you are going to love this awesome shirt!

The awesome Star Trek fans over at ThinkGeek are selling this awesome Choose Your Captain Star Trek shirt for $19.99-21.99 depending on the size.  It is a great way to start a conversation with somebody as everybody has a favorite Star Trek captain.  However, you might want to be careful because if they have a different favorite captain than you, it might turn into a big argument.

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Choose Your Captain Shirt

Star Trek Choose Your Captain Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]