One of my favorite events to go to as a kid was the monster truck shows that they would have at our state fair grounds.  I always enjoyed watching the cars get crunched to pieces by the massive trucks.  However, over the years, I stopped caring about it as much and quit going.  Its not that I don’t still enjoy it, its just that most of the trucks I liked growing up aren’t performing anymore so I have no real emotional attachment to the motorsport.  But, I would definitely start going again if the Batmobile monster truck was there!

I’m not sure where this awesome Batmobile monster truck was spotted but it is definitely one of the coolest monster trucks I have seen in years.  Now I really hope there is a Batmobile monster truck in the next Batman movie or at least the next video game.

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Batman Monster Truck

Batmobile Monster Truck

[Via: GeekTyrant]

Of all of the body parts you might want to have a lightsaber stuck through (which is hopefully none), one of the worst places would have to be the neck.  Not only would it be an almost certain death, I think it would be a little humiliating because if you get stabbed in the neck, you obviously don’t know to do battle with lightsabers.  However, as a tattoo, a lightsaber though the neck turns out to be a pretty cool idea!

This very well done lightsaber through the neck tattoo was inked by Rick Tattoo in London.  I think it turned out looking quite nice although I can’t help but feel there should be more of a glow around the lightsaber however it is a lovely shade of red.

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Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo

Star Wars Lightsaber Through the Neck Tattoo

[Source:  Rick Tattoo]

When Crysis 3 was announced, I was extremely excited as I loved the previous Crysis games and I enjoy seeing just how much performance I can squeeze out of my gaming desktop to be able to run the most demanding of games.  Unfortunately, its lack of availability on Steam is pretty much a deal breaker for me.  Hopefully EA will pull their head out of their butt will wake up and realize that gamers hate Origin and would much rather use Steam but I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.  Anyway, while I wait and hope that eventually Crysis 3 comes to Steam, I can still enjoy some amazing nanosuit body paint!

Former Pussycat Doll singer Ashley Roberts is the woman sporting this amazing Crysis 3 inspired nanosuit body paint cosplay.  Not only am I amazed at how well the body paint turned out, it goes great with those combat boots!

I am curious to know how long this took to apply because there is a lot of intricate detail involved in this nanosuit body paint cosplay.

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Crysis 3 Nanosuit Body Paint

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Body Paint Cosplay

Crysis Nanosuit Cosplay

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Body Paint Cosplay

[Source:  The Sun via Fashionably Geek]

Nothing says ‘I love Lord of the Rings’ quite like a cake that looks like the One Ring.  If you can’t get a giant cake like the Dark Tower cake with the Eye of Sauron that I posted back in December, a One Ring cake would still work great for any Lord of the Rings viewing parties (although I would have more than just cake because the movies are really long and people are going to get hungry).

This amazing Lord of the Rings inspired One Ring cake was made by the obviously talented cake maker the Cake Whisperer.  I don’t know what kind of occasion this cake was made for but I’m sure whoever got to eat it was really happy.  Too bad they didn’t send me a piece.

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One Ring Cake

Lord of the Rings One Ring Cake

[Source:  the Cake Whisperer via Between the Pages]

Are you a gamer that loves to wear a pair of thongs (the kind for your feet) when you are at the pool or a public shower like the one at the gym?  If so, then I think I may have found the perfect pair for you!  Nothing says I love retro video games quite like wearing Pac-Man games on your feet!

Although these awesome Havaianas Pac-Man thongs are available to buy, you might have some issues ordering them.  You can order these Pac-Man thongs from this site although judging by the domain, the site is from Brazil and unless you are good with their language, you might have some issues getting them ordered or figuring out just how much you are going to have to pay for them.  Since I only speak English and some Klingon, I can’t even figure out if they ship internationally so if somebody can translate and let us know more details in the comments below, it would be much appreciated!

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Havaianas Pac-Man Thongs

Pac-Man Thongs

Havaianas Pac-Man Thongs

Pac-Man Thongs

[via it8bit]

Thanks to all of the holiday weight I put on a couple of months ago (I think everybody just made more cookies and stuff than usual this year), I have decided to cut out the sweets and any unnecessary calories until I am no longer in danger of having to buy all new pants that are bigger than my current ones.  However, while I may be avoiding the consumption of sweets, I still love looking at them, especially when they are geeky!

Speaking of geeky cupcakes, Cake Central member Yokko made this amazing Spock cupcake!  I’m not sure how I feel about the black look of the cupcake itself but the handmade Spock cupcake topper is amazing!  I’d say it turned out really well!

Remember, if you hope to live long and prosper, avoid the sweets!

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Spock Cupcake

Star Trek Spock Cupcake

[Via Between the Pages]