One of my complaints about hotel rooms is that most of the ones I have stayed in have no character.  They are all basically the exact same and about as minimal as you can get.  Normally, I would say this is probably because I just go for cheap rooms but even the more expensive rooms I have stayed in were set apart from the cheap ones only by the tv in the bathroom.  However, there is one hotel in Brazil that has gone the extra mile to make sure there rooms aren’t just like every other hotel.

The Sheraton Hotel in São Paulo, Brazil has an amazing suite specifically designed to delight Star Trek fans.  From Enterprise themed wallpaper to Starfleet themed couch pillows, this hotel room is enough to get any Trekkie a nerdgasm.  It even comes with a bunch of LED lights you can control from a remote!  Unfortunately, it is not a cheap room to stay in.

To stay in this incredible Star Trek hotel room, it will set you back $670 if you are alone and $715 for a couple.  I suppose you could justify a night or two there for a honeymoon or something but otherwise you better be one rich Trekkie if you want to stay in this room.  There are also some extras you can get with the room if you have a lot of money to burn like some $1000 Star Trek shoes and a $10,000 white gold Starfleet ring.  If only I had the money…

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Star Trek Hotel Bedroom

Star Trek Hotel Room

Star Trek Hotel Lounge

Star Trek Hotel Room Lounge

Star Trek Hotel Bathroom

Star Trek Hotel Room Bathroom

Star Trek Bathroom

Star Trek Hotel Room Bathroom

[Source:  The Trek Collective via Neatorama]

It has been a while since I have posted a cool cake so when I saw this one, I knew I had to post it.  I have posted some pretty amazing Lord of the Rings cakes in the past including a cute Gandalf on a hobbit hole birthday cake and an amazing Dark Tower cake but I think this Gollum cake might just be my favorite.

The creator of this incredible Gollum cake is taartvanbianca.  They are obviously an extremely skilled cake decorator because the detail and coloring on Gollum as well as the rest of the cake is absolutely stunning.  The small things make this cake even more special like the Elvish writing around the edge and the dead fish that Gollum has been eating.

The Gollum in this cake looks just as creepy as the character in the movie and I don’t think that was easy to accomplish so hats off to taartvanbianca.

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Gollum Cake

Lord of the Rings Gollum Cake

Gollum Cake

Lord of the Rings Gollum Cake

[Source:  taartvanbianca via Between the Pages]

There are two reasons I really hate flying, the TSA and having to deal with luggage.  I don’t think there is much I can do about the security theater goons but I have found you can at least make the identification of your luggage at the carousel much easier if you do something unique to it that nobody else is going to have.  I’ve seen a lot of people to different and unique things to make their bag stand out but this is the first time I have ever seen somebody give their luggage a complete Star Wars makeover!

Thanks to a couple of retweets, I spotted a tweet by @AMANDAJEANNN showing off the really cool Star Wars designs she covered her luggage in.  I’m not sure if these were done with some giant decals or what but they turned out awesome!

This makes me wish I had one of those old hard suitcases so I could do something similar but I’m not even sure they make those anymore.  I remember seeing family members use them when I was a kid but I think this is the first time I have seen that design in years.  Does anybody know if they still make them?

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Star Wars Suitcases

Star Wars Luggage


While the majority of people I know start their mornings off with a bowl of cereal, I have never been a cereal eating kind of guy, even as a kid.  My problem isn’t so much with cereal as I’m just not a milk fan.  I know I am missing out on some of my nutritional needs because of my distaste for milk assuming the commercials are to be believed, but I just can’t stand the stuff.  However, if there was ever a hope of getting me to eat cereal, it would have to be with a bowl of Whovi-Os!

The awesome geeks over at TeeFury are selling this incredible Doctor Who inspired Whovi-Os cereal t-shirt for just $11 today only!  Whether you like cereal or not, as long as you like Doctor Who, you are going to love this fantastic Doctor Who themed cereal box style t-shirt created by Bamboota and WinterArtwork Illustrations.

Even though I don’t like cereal and would really be hesitant to try one that tasted like fish fingers and custard, I am still ordering one of these shirts just because I am a huge Doctor Who fan and I recommend all of my fellow Whovians do the same!  How can you beat $11 for such a cool t-shirt?!  Speaking of 11, did I mention it features the 11th Doctor too?

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Whovi-Os Cereal T-Shirt

Doctor Who Whovi-Os T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

I don’t usually post about sales that my favorite geeky sites are having unless I see a cool shirt on TeeFury or something but I decided to make an exception.  If you would like to see me post cool sales like this more often, let me know in the comments below and I will make it happen!

Anyway, as part of their 4th of July sale, the awesome geeks over at ThinkGeek are offering 20% of orders of $40+ with the coupon code ‘433BROKENBONES’ (can’t be combined with other offers) which is good until 11:59pm July 7th, 2013.

Click the image below (an affiliate link so they know we sent you) to head over to ThinkGeek and take advantage of this awesome sale!  I know I will be!

Don’t forget to use the code too or you will end up paying full price!


I’ve seen people make Daleks out of all kinds of crazy stuff like the post from last week where somebody decided to make a cool Dalek planter for their flowers but I would have never imagined that somebody would make a Dalek out of bacteria in a petri dish.  To be honest, I never even knew you could do that!  I know you can teach dogs all kinds of tricks but E Coli?  Impressive!

A Whovian going by the name of Who-lligan apparently works in some sort of lab and decided to make a Dalek out of E. Coli bacteria.  I think this person should win some kind of award for this like most clever idea for building a Dalek or perhaps the deadliest.


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Dalek Bacteria in a Petri Dish

E Coli Dalek in a Petri Dish

[Source:  Who-lligan via Obvious Winner]