For a couple of years now I have been kicking around the idea of converting my basement into my own private arcade so I can relive my childhood whenever I feel like it.  Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with that dream such as I need to win the lottery first and I need to find somewhere else to put all of the crap that I currently have stored in the basement.  In reality, my basement is a little small for doing anything too impressive with but I’d be happy with just a couple of pinball machines and arcade cabinets.

Well, one father and son duo are living my dream and have created an absolutely amazing arcade in their basement.

Reddit user mertzlufft posted a number of pictures of the incredible arcade he built in his basement with his dad.  From what I can tell from the pictures, the arcade is called the Vintage Vault Arcade and Gameroom.  I have to say I am impressed for several reasons.  First of all, I am very envious of somebody with a basement that is this big because square footage wise, that looks to be about equal to my entire house.  Second, I am impressed by all of the machines they have and how much work they put into this arcade that they even have a bar in it!

There was no mention of how much this cost to build or what the monthly electricity bill is but I bet both amounts are pretty large.

However, there is one criticism I have of this amazing basement arcade.  Where is the air hockey table?!  How can you have an arcade without an air hockey table?!  That just doesn’t seem right!

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Vintage Vault Basement Arcade

Vintage Vault Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Vintage Vault Arcade and Game Room

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

Basement Arcade

[Source:  Reddit]

For somebody who doesn’t even like to drink lattes, it is rather surprising how much I enjoy seeing latte art.  However, despite all of the latte art I have seen and all of the works of beverage art I have posted on here, I have never seen one that was colored until now.

A Japanese barista known as Nowtoo Sugi is the creator of this amazing and colorful Kirby latte art.

Apparently, they work with different flavors of syrup to give color to their latte art.  I’m guessing perhaps they used some sort of strawberry syrup or something to get the pink coloring of Kirby or at least the red on his cheeks.

I may not like to drink lattes but now I definitely have the urge to go play some Kirby’s Dreamland.  I think that is exactly what I am going to do tonight!

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Nintendo Kirby Latte Art

Kirby Latte Art

[Source:  Nowtoo via Kotaku]

Normally I don’t care a whole lot about furniture, but there is just something I like about custom coffee tables, especially when they look like a Nintendo NES controller.  In the past, I have posted a couple of NES controller coffee tables including a NES controller table that had a really nice wood look to it as well as another NES controller coffee table that was painted up to look like a real controller and was even functional!  Well, now we can add a steampunk NES controller to the list of geeky coffee tables.

California based furniture builder Charles Lushear of Bohemian Workbench created this amazing steampunk NES controller coffee table out of recycled parts.  It measures 40″ length x 17.5″ width x 18″ height and features a 1/4″ of glass so you have a nice surface to put your stuff on.  Not only that, but if you would love to have this in your living room, you can buy it!

Charles is selling this awesome steampunk NES controller coffee table on Etsy for $2,600.  If I could afford it, I would love to have it in my living room but that is just a couple grand out of my budget.  I will be very jealous of anybody who can afford it though.

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Steampunk NES Coffee Table

Steampunk Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

Steampunk NES Controller Table

Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table

[Source:  Etsy via LaughingSquid]

The first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit that you have an addiction and my addiction is geeky t-shirts from those t-shirt a day sites that sell great shirts for dirt cheap.  It is not an addiction I really want to overcome but it is either that or convert my basement into a giant closet for all of my geeky t-shirts because I have outgrown my bedroom closet.

While I am trying to cut back on the number of shirts I buy, there are shirts like the one below that are absolutely necessary for me to own.

If you have been reading Global Geek News for any length of time, you probably know I am a HUGE fan of the geeky artwork by Megan Lara and generally buy any shirt with her artwork on it.  Well, now there is another shirt I am going to be buying that I think any Doctor Who fan will love!

The geeky people over at TeeFury are selling this Doctor Who themed Amy Pond: The Girl Who Waited t-shirt today only for just $11!  The shirt is one of a series of similar Doctor Who shirts designed by Megan Lara and Omega Man 5000 and I think this one is my favorite (I have all of the others).  The t-shirt comes in either black, cream or dark chocolate (brown).

I haven’t decided which color shirt I am going to get as I normally prefer black since it usually makes the designs stand out a little better but since it is summer time and black isn’t exactly a cool color, I am debating choosing one of the other colors because nearly all of my shirts are already black and something cooler would be nice for the summer.  Which color are you going to get?  Let me know in the comments below!

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The Girl Who Waited Shirt

Doctor Who Amy Pond The Girl Who Waited T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Its not very often you see mash-ups between Star Trek and Star Wars despite the number of fans that love both.  I’m not quite sure why that is because I often see people combine one of those franchises with something else like Doctor Who or even Space Invaders but I have a feeling it has to do with the Star Wars vs Star Trek mentality.  I know a lot of geeks like to have that debate but I tend to be one of those can’t we all just get along kind of people.  I think if there was less fighting and more baking, we would have more awesome Star Trek and Star Wars mash-up cookies like the ones below!

Star Trek and Star Wars fan Klickitat Street is the creator of these delicious looking cookies that combine Star Wars with the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series.  No matter which franchise you prefer (I’m a Star Trek person myself although I enjoy both depending on my mood), you can’t deny how cute and utterly awesome these cookies are!

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Star Trek and Star Wars Cookies

Trek Wars Cookies

[Source:  Klickitat Street via Between the Pages]

Even when I was a kid, I don’t recall ever doing any bead crafts although I remember seeing them occasionally at craft shows I was dragged to (I wasn’t a craft lover back then and unless it is a geeky craft, I’m still not a big craft type of person).  However, I have never seen anything as large as this giant Super Mario Bros 3 start screen made out of beads before.

In the past, I have posted some really cool gaming bead art including a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 start screen logo as well as a very detailed work of Link bead art.  However, I don’t think they can match the scale of the project below!

Sprite Stitch forum member ShampooTeacher is the guy in the picture below that created this enormous Super Mario Bros 3 start screen out of beads.  I’m not sure how many beads were used or how much time this took to create but I suspect it was a lot of both.  I think it was worth it too because it turned out looking spectacular!

I wish this was for sale because I think this would be the perfect thing to hang over my bed as since Super Mario Bros 3 has always been my favorite Mario game.

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Super Mario Bros Beads

Super Mario Bros 3 Start Screen Made From Beads

[Source:  ShampooTeacher]