I know that guys are supposed to love trucks but I have just never been a truck fan.  They are handy to have when you need to move some furniture or do a major cleanup of your yard or something but for general purpose transportation, I am a car guy.  Most of my dislike of trucks comes from the fact that I just don’t like tall vehicles.  I prefer to be as low to the ground as I can get (as long as it isn’t so low that it makes it difficult to get in and out of the car).  However, I would probably be a proud truck owner if I happened to own this sweet Halo 4 inspired UNSC themed Ford F-150 SVT Raptor!

While browsing Reddit last week, I came across the picture of this awesome Halo pickup that one redditor’s friend spotted at a gas station.  After doing a little digging, it turns out this Halo truck is a UNSC themed Ford F150 SVT Raptor that was given away as the main prize for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge last year.  I wish I had known about this competition because I would have liked to have a shot at owning this truck!

If you want to see more pictures of this Halo edition Ford F-150 Raptor, I found a small gallery over on Motor Review that you should check out.

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Halo Pickup

Halo Truck

[via Reddit]

Even in the glorious days of GPS, I still find myself getting lost quite often.  Usually, I don’t get too lost but since my GPS isn’t always accurate especially when it comes to areas like large shopping centers, I have a tendency to take a wrong turn occasionally and have to back track to get to where I need to go.  Well, while I may have to circle around a few blocks to get to where I am trying to go on occasion, I have never got so lost that I ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Well, apparently Link has.

The folks over at TeeTurtle have put this awesome ‘Legendarily Lost’ Legend of Zelda / Super Mario mash-up t-shirt on sale for just $15 for the next week (affiliate link so they know we sent you).  It is available for both men and women and you can get it in sizes up to 3XL.

If you are a fan both the Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario Bros, you need this shirt!  If you like both of those and have a horrible sense of direction like I do, then you really need this shirt!

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Legendarily Lost T-Shirt Design

Legendarily Lost T-Shirt Design

Legendarily Lost T-Shirt

Legendarily Lost T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeTurtle]

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Credit: Wikipedia)

While I was laying in bed last night browsing the channel guide on my TV looking for something to watch, I stumbled across a listing for an interview with Edward Snowden that was set to start a minute later.  Ever since he leaked all of those classified documents, I’ve been very interested in him as well as all of the stuff he has leaked.  So, I immediately turned to my local NBC station before the interview started so that I could see the first tv interview on American television with this polarizing figure.

You can watch the 6 parts of the interview below which is quite interesting although I don’t think there any new groundbreaking revelations.  What interests me is NBC’s twitter monitoring for the hashtags #traitor and #patriot.  During the airing of the interview, there was a huge spike in the patriot hashtag which outnumbered the traitor hashtag by around two to one.

After you watch the interview, let us know in the comments below what you think of Snowden, what he has done, whether you think he is a patriot or traitor and what you think about the programs he has brought to the public’s attention.  I’m very interested to know what everybody thinks about this!

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[Source:  NBC News]

While I have never been interested in beer much less playing beer pong, I did enjoy collecting Pokemon cards as a kid.  I’m not sure what I ever did with my collection but I had some decent cards like a 2nd edition Charizard, a Raichu and a ton of others that were worth a little money at the time.  However, much like the Game Boy games, when they started introducing hundreds of new Pokemon, I game up on the card game as well.  Oddly, I never played with the cards but I did play the Game Boy version of the card game.  Anyway, for fans of both the Pokemon card game and beer, I think I have found a table you will love!

This awesome Pokemon card game beer pong table was created by Tom Sejkora.  As for how this table was built, the cards were glued on to the table (the center ones made to look like a Pokeball) and then it was covered with a few coats of polyurethane.  After that, an acrylic sheet was glued on top of the cards with epoxy while silicone and electrical tape were used to waterproof it (probably an important thing for a beer pong table).  The end result is a table big enough for a pyramid of 15 cups on each side.

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Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Card Game Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Beer Pong Table

[Via PixelatedGeek]

Like most science geeks, I have a slight obsession with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I love him for many reasons and the video below showcases two of them, his sense of humor and his willingness to do silly math calculations just to find interesting facts.

In this particular video from 2011, Neil talks about how likely people are to pick up coins on the street and how much money has to be laying on the street for Bill Gates to consider it worth his time to pick up based on his $50 billion wealth in 2011 (which is $76 billion now so the amount would actually be higher).  As a bonus, he also demonstrates how to pronounce the word ‘billion’ which I find kind of funny.

I hope you guys enjoy this funny video as much as I do!  After you watch it, let me know in the comments below whether you usually pick up coins you find on the ground and if so, what is the smallest amount you will bother to pick up?  Personally, I pretty much never mess with pennies on the ground, if I have nothing better to do, I will pick up a nickel and I will always pick up anything bigger than that.

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While I am a big fan of mint ice cream, I don’t recall having ever had a mint cookie before.  However, I’m sure it is just as tasty as the ice cream, especially if it looks as awesome as these fantastic Super Mario warp pipe mint cookies!  I have posted a ton of delicious Super Mario goodies over the years from wedding cakes to cupcakes and while those usually take the cake, I think its about time I finally post about some Super Mario Bros inspired cookies as well!

Chris-Rachael Oseland from Kitchen Overlord shared these delicious looking mint warp pipe cookies with Mario popping out of them which were made by Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm.  You can find the recipe and baking instructions over at Kitchen Overlord.  However, if you want the cookie cutter that she used for these, you can pick that up over at WarpZonePrints for $5.50.

I’ve never heard of WarpZonePrints until now but they have the most epic collection of cookie cutters I have ever seen!  Whether you are looking for Super Mario cookie cutters or Doctor Who cookie cutters among others, they have them!  The next time I want to make some geeky cookies, this is where I will be buying my cookie cutters!

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Super Mario Warp Pipe Cookies

Super Mario Warp Pipe Mint Cookies

Super Mario Warp Pipe Mint Cookies

Super Mario Warp Pipe Mint Cookies

[Source:  Kitchen Overload via That’s Nerdalicious]