Snorlax Loves Cake [pic]

Jeremy Bray —  March 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

I know that the Snorlax Pokemon is known for sleeping, but I didn’t realize it was known for its love of cake too!  The way this cake is made almost makes it look like it is fake but surely no cake that prominently features a happy Snorlax can be fake.  Can it?  Fake or not, it looks awesome although since the rest of the cake has nothing to do with Pokemon, Snorlax seems a bit out of place.  However, considering the tendency of Snorlax to just sleep wherever, it seems kind of fitting.  If anybody knows who make this cake, let us know in the comments so we can give them credit!

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Snorlax Cake

Snorlax Sleeping on a Cake

[via That’s Nerdalicious]

I’ve used all kinds of cups around my house over the years but acrylic travel cups are by far my favorite.  Ice seems to last longer in them than any other cup I own which is part of why I like them so much.  Currently, I own two acrylic travel cups, a Starbucks one and a Windows Phone 7 one but I think its time my collection grows with this awesome Star Trek acrylic travel cup that features the Enterprise.  For those that want one of these cups too, you can pick one up from ThinkGeek for $9.99.  This is a must have for Star Trek fans on the go!

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Star Trek Acrylic Travel Cup

Star Trek Acrylic Travel Cup

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

I’ve posted some amazing Mario wedding cakes in the past, but I think this one might be my favorite.  It might not be the biggest Super Mario Bros wedding cake I have ever seen, but the level of detail is mind blowing.  However, I’m not sure how much I like Mario being dressed in black.  I understand he is dressed up for a wedding, its just he doesn’t look right if he is not in his normal red.  I guess his read hat is better than nothing.  Also, beware of eating the mushrooms, they can do some freaky things to you like make you grow into a giant!

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Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake by Anja Alemania

Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake by Anja Alemania

[via So Geek Chic]

I love it when people give already geeky objects the steampunk treatment.  There is just something cool about the steampunk style.  Well, Portal fan and DeviantART user batman-n-bananas has given the iconic Portal gun a steampunk overhaul.  The list of materials involved in this amazing steampunk Portal gun build are listed below as well as some stunning pictures of the end product.

Materials:  “2 antique clock movements, 1 +1/2 hangers, Metal teapot stand, plastic mechano, plumbing parts, 1 plant pot, 1 hair gel pot + various lids, plastic tub (those ones you get nuts in the the supermarket), plastic tubing, lots and lots of nuts and bolts, miniature storage box (for the battery compartment), pocket laser disc (you can get them on ebay if anyone’s interested), 3 lightbulbs, carboard tube, metal covering from an old hairbrush, AV socket, tons of odds and ends from [his] parents garage, oh and of course the usuals – milliput, humbrol and warhammer paints, hot melt glue and about 6 gallons of superglue.”

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Steampunk Portal Gun

Steampunk Portal Gun

[Source:  DeviantART via Obvious Winner]

Since I am in charge of refilling the pop machine at work, I have to deal with a lot of pop boxes, but I never thought about making something with them after I am done.  Sure, I could stack them up like some of the amazing pop box displays I have posted on here in the past, but it would have never crossed my mind to cut the boxes up and make something like a Master Chief helmet with them.  Well, that is exactly what DeviantART user Cyroprime has done.  This is truly recycling at its best!

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Mountain Dew Halo Master Chief Helmet

Mountain Dew Master Chief Helmet

[Source:  DeviantART via That’s Nerdalicious]

When some people see something they like, they waste no time in replicating it.  Apparently DeviantART user Fevereon is one of those people.  It was only a few days ago that the first video of Assassin’s Creed III was released and Fevereon has already created a replica tomahawk from the game’s trailer.  Oh, and it looks awesome!

I’ve seen a lot of people make their own Assassin’s Creed hidden blade weapons for their Assassin’s Creed cosplay, but there is something about this that just seems more impressive than those.

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Assassins Creed 3 Replica Tomahawk

Assassins Creed 3 Replica Tomahawk

[Source:  DeviantART via Kotaku]