As much as I love cookies, I will never bake them.  It is not that I don’t have the baking skill to do so as I spent a good part of my childhood baking cookies with my grandmother, it is simply that I enjoy the dough much more than the actual cookies so I eat all the dough long before the cookies get anywhere near the oven.  Well, luckily there are some people with more restraint than I have that are not only able to make it through the baking process but can make it all the way through the frosting process to be able to end up with some really cool looking cookies.

Speaking of cool looking cookies, Adda Boys Cookies made these amazing balloon shaped Dalek cookies for a young Doctor Who fan named Ana that apparently turned 5.  I’d say she had a pretty happy birthday to get cookies this awesome!  However, I will admit the whole balloon shaped thing confuses me.  Why put Daleks in balloons?  Is there something I am missing?  If so, tell me in the comments below!

The one bad part about blogging things like this is that it makes me hungry and now I am going to have to run out and buy some cookie dough.  So much for my resolution to lose weight this year!

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Balloon Dalek Cookies

Doctor Who Dalek Cookies

[Source:  Adda Boys Cookies via Between the Pages]

Super Mario Bros 3 Box Art

Super Mario Bros 3

Nearly a year ago, I posted about an amazing series of video done by an awesome bearded guy where he sang acapella versions of several Legend of Zelda songs.  Well, the bearded wizard is back at it again and this time he has tackled some music from Super Mario Bros 3.  Considering Super Mario Bros 3 is my favorite Mario game, I am really loving this this video!  This guy is seriously talented and I can’t even imagine how much time and effort it takes to record something like this.

This bearded musical genius is YouTube user Smooth McGroove and if there is somebody that deserves your YouTube description, it is him!  He does awesome acapalla gaming videos like this all the time with games ranging from Tetris to Final Fantasy and he always does an amazing job.  If his Super Mario Bros 3 Overworld 2 theme performance below doesn’t have you hitting the subscribe button at the end, I don’t know what will!

If you know of anybody else on YouTube doing something similar that you think we should feature, let us know in the comments below or via the contact page above!

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In the past, I have posted some pretty cool (pun intended) ice sculptures including a Millennium Falcon ice sculpture and a C-3PO and R2-D2 ice sculpture but nothing compares to the scale, and impressive detail of this enormous Optimus Prime ice sculpture below.

Several days ago, I was browsing my Facebook news feed when I stumbled across this massive and insanely detailed Optimus Prime ice sculpture.  The description of it said it was 26 feet tall, but after finding a picture with its creators standing in front of it, I don’t think it is anywhere near 26 foot.  My guess would be closer to 18 feet but perspective is everything so I really don’t know how tall it is but it is still impressively large!

The obviously amazingly talented ice sculptors Antti Pedrozo and Michael de Kok are the guys that created this incredible Transformer ice sculpture.  I haven’t found any information on how long it took them to make this or any other real details but I’m sure it wasn’t a short amount of time.  It was worth every second of work put into it though!

And yes, he does transform into a puddle.

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Transformers Ice Sculpture

Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

[Source:  Antti Pedrozo and Michael de Kok]

These days, I am pretty well behaved when I game but in the past, I was the most hated troll in various gaming communities.  If you know where to look, there are still stories floating around the internet of my epic trolling activities that range from tricking people into getting banned from gaming servers to hijacking an internet radio station, pretending to be some guy that was getting on my nerves in an IRC chatroom and playing Hanson’s MMMbop for 24 hours straight (his reaction was priceless when he found out and to say that he was pissed would be an understatement).  Well, even though I don’t do stuff like that anymore, I’m glad to see there are still people carrying on that proud tradition!

One of my biggest privacy concerns about the Xbox One (from now on I will refer to it as the Xbone or Spybox One just to piss Microsoft off) is the fact that its’ Kinect system is always watching and listening to you (I know you can turn it off although last I heard, you still aren’t allowed to unplug it so I don’t trust it).  Well, one clever gamer realized he could use the Spybox One’s always listening technology against other gamers to screw them up in game.

He changed his gamertag to Xbox Sign Out and whenever anybody says his name, the menu is brought up to sign them out of the Xbone.  It is a hilarious troll (frustrating for those trolled I’m sure) and well worth watching in the video below.

On a related note, I might be in love with the girl with the sexy laugh that almost falls for this clever prank.

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Even as a kid, I was never really one to play with my food (not counting that one time I got a piece of ham stuck up my nose).  I have always preferred to eat my food rather than play with it but I suppose I prefer to satisfy my hunger than my creative desires.  I also hate letting my food get cold.

Well, luckily there are people out there that do enjoy playing with their food and making cool creations with them because then it gives us all something to enjoy!

Sadly, I have no idea who created this delicious looking Nintendo bento box featuring Yoshi, a Yoshi Egg, Kirby, Pikachu and more thanks to the fact that nobody cares about giving creators the credit for their work on Facebook.

Seriously, START GIVING PEOPLE CREDIT FOR THEIR WORK!!!!  I hate not being able to credit people for their work just because the idiot I found out about it from didn’t bother to share that information.  If you are one of those people, STOP IT!

Anyway, whoever made this awesome looking Nintendo bento box did a fantastic job and I would almost be afraid to eat it because I wouldn’t want it to go away.  For those who want to see more yummy Nintendo bento box action, check out this really cute Mario bento box or this other Mario bento box featuring Bullet Bill that you can make yourself!

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Nintendo Food Box

Nintendo Bento Box

[Via Nerds do it better]

I have always been envious of those with artistic skill because when it comes to things like drawing or painting, I suck.  Just how bad do I suck?  I can’t even make a good looking stick figure.  I’m not saying I would like to be the next Bob Ross or anything, but it would be nice if I at least had enough artistic skill or talent to be able to paint my house to look similar to this awesome Mario Bros utility building in the picture below.

Sadly, I have no idea where this awesome Super Mario Bros utility building is, who it belongs to or who painted it but it is still one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen.  I’ve seen some great geeky graffiti painting on buildings before, but I think this is the first time I have ever seen an entire building get painted like this.

Whoever did this has some real talent!  I wonder if they would be available to paint my house because I would love to have a Super Mario Bros house.

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Super Mario Painted Utility Building

Super Mario Bros Utility Building

[via Nerd Approved]