LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 24:  Memorabilia fr...

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 24: Memorabilia from the hit TV show ‘Doctor Who’ is auctioned off at Bonham’s auction house on February 24, 2010 in London, England. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

I am a huge Doctor Who fan and a big lover of orchestra music so when I saw that Walt Ribeiro of For Orchestra and good friend of Global Geek News gave his orchestra treatment to the Doctor Who theme song, I almost wet myself with excitement!

You can give it a listen from the YouTube “video” below, but if you really like it, I highly recommend you go buy the track on Amazon or on iTunes.  It is definitely worth the $.99 and I challenge you not to get the Doctor Who theme stuck in your head after you listen to it!

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I am always amazed when artists can create something mind blowing with some software that people would have never even imagined capable of doing such a task.  I’ve seen people create things like the the Mona Lisa on MS Paint and while that is definitely an impressive accomplishment, this feels far more amazing to me.

Artist Lucsdf used a program called Colors 3D on the Nintendo 3DS to create this mind blowing Legend of Zelda picture called Zelda Zoras River.  I didn’t even know such a program existed, much less was capable of making a picture this amazing!

If you like this amazing Legend of Zelda drawing, I recommend hitting the source link below where you can watch a little time lapse video of the artwork being created.  It is amazing!

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Legend of Zelda Picture Made on a Nintendo 3DS

Legend of Zelda Picture Made on a Nintendo 3DS

[Source:  Color’s Live via Kotaku]

I’ve always thought it would be cool to paint up my car in some geeky fashion but an awesome paint job just isn’t in the budget these days.  Well, apparently it was in the budget for one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan to turn their station wagon into the TMNT station wagon of awesomeness!

Reddit user kvnmahan spotted this amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles car at a Sam’s Club in Nashville, TN.  Sadly, I don’t know who the owner of this awesome car is or who did this amazing TMNT paint job to give them credit but they are definitely awesome!  I wish I had a paint job like this!  If you know who the owner is, let us know in the comments so we can give them credit!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Station Wagon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Station Wagon

[Source:  Reddit]

I’ve posted some pretty good Super Mario Bros fingernail art in the past but this case is a little different in that instead of focusing on Mario, this one focuses on other iconic characters from the game such as Bob-omb, Boo (the ghost), the 1-Up Mushroom and the piranha plant.

These cute Super Mario Bros fingernails were created by Natajha Wysocki, a friend of mine from high school.  I think they turned out pretty great! It is a shame that fingernail polish comes off so easily because when you put time and effort into making something this cool, it should stick around for a couple of months at least.

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Super Mario Bros Fingernail Art

Super Mario Bros Fingernail Art

Like many geeks, perhaps my all time favorite cartoon is Futurama.  I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when the new season started last week on Comedy Central.

Well, as a way to advertise for the new show, Comedy Central apparently decided to do a live action version of the Futurama opening.  I have to admit, I am pretty impressed with how it turned out!   I will admit it looks a little cheap, but I’m not sure I would have wanted it any other way.  However, I am kind of curious to know just how big the budget was to do this live action Futurama opening.

Anyway, for those who didn’t realize a new season of Futurama had started, now you know!  It is on Wednesday nights just like the commercial says so make sure you are watching!

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[via Wil Wheaton]

Last week I posted some awesome TARDIS fingernail art so it only seemed fair that I also post some awesome Dalek fingernail art too!

The creator and person sporting this awesome Dalek fingernail art is DeviantART user KayleighOC, the same person that created the TARDIS fingernail art.  I can’t decide if I like this Dalek fingernail art or the TARDIS fingernail art more, but there is no doubt that both are awesome!

The only thing I can’t understand is why anybody would want to have fingernails this long?  If my fingernails have more than a week’s growth on them it drives me crazy.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have fingernails this long.   Maybe its just one of those women things that I am not meant to understand.

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Dalek Fingernail Art

Dalek Fingernail Art

[Source:  DeviantART]