I’ve posted a ton of awesome wedding cakes on here in the past ranging from the Legend of Zelda to Star Wars, but this is the first time I have ever posted a cake from the rehearsal dinner for a wedding.

Apparently some couple going by the names of Paige and Nathan were lucky enough to have this amazing Batman themed cake at their rehearsal dinner.  This Batman themed cake features both the Batman Tumbler as well as the Batpod.  This Dark Knight inspired cake was created by Mark of Piece of Cake in Oswego, IL and I think it is safe to say he did a great job with it!  If this is just the cake for the rehearsal dinner, I want to see what the wedding cake looked like!

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Dark Knight Batman Tumbler and Batpod Cake

Dark Knight Batman Tumbler and Batpod Cake

[Source:  Flickr via That’s Nerdalicious]


I’ve seen and blogged some pretty cool wedding cake toppers such as the Mario Kart wedding cake toppers, but these Legend of Zelda wedding cake toppers take the cake!

These extremely detailed Link and Princess Zelda wedding cake toppers were created by Etsy seller annacrafts.  This would be the perfect thing to put on any Legend of Zelda themed wedding cake, but it is going to cost you.  You can buy these amazing Link and Princess Zelda wedding cake toppers on Etsy for $180.  It seems like a fair price for something that is as amazingly detailed as these, but I just can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a wedding cake topper.  I guess if you have lots of money to spend on a wedding, a $180 topper isn’t that bad.

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Legend of Zelda Link and Princess Zelda Wedding Cake Toppers

Legend of Zelda Link and Princess Zelda Wedding Cake Toppers

[Source:  Etsy]

I’m more of a software person than one to play with hardware, but for the hardware enthusiasts out there that like to play with Arduino, I thought you might be interested in the Robotic Minion!

The Robotic Minion project was started by Dustin and David Andrews (my cousins) and if you an Arduino fan, you will probably like what they have come up with.   The video below gives you an idea of exactly what the Robotic Minion can do but if you want a really good description of all the ins and outs of the Robotic Minion, I would recommend checking out the instructable article on how to build your own Robotic Minion!

However, if you don’t feel like building your own or just want to support the project, there is about a day left in their kickstarter for the Robotic Minion and they could use a little help reaching their goal.  As of the time of this writing, they are $291 short of their $5000 goal with about 27 hours left.  If you are interested in the Robotic Minion starter kit or just like making cool projects happen, toss a couple bucks their way so they can make their goal before time runs out!

I’ve posted a lot of awesome shoes that look really cool like the Converse Super Mario Bros shoes, but since most of the shoes I have posted are Converse shoes which I am not a big fan off, these Donkey Kong Nike shoes have a major appeal to me!  Truthfully, I’m not a huge Nike fan either, but at least I like the look of their shoes more.

Anyway, these Donkey Kong Nike Dunks were created by Antony Hollingworth and there are merely a concept which means you won’t find these on store shelves.  However, I think if Nike was to run with this idea, they could sell a lot of them and perhaps even convert some people like me to their shoes (I am a New Balance person).  Sadly, I think this shoe is a dream that is probably never going to become reality.

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Donkey Kong Nike Dunks Shoes

Donkey Kong Nike Dunks Shoes

[Source:  Antony Hollingworth via Fashionably Geek]

Never in my wildest imagination would I have figured that somebody would carve up a ping pong ball to make it look like the Death Star.  I’ve seen some people do some pretty crazy things with ping pong balls like the guys on Mythbusters use them to raise a sunken boat, but I have never seen anything quite as impressive as this!

I can’t read Japanese, but apparently this awesome ping pong ball Death Star was created by some forums member known as tatumaru5963.  I don’t know how they made this, but they did an amazing job!  Even if it wasn’t the exploded version of the Death Star, the paint job is impressive enough, but to put in all of the painstaking detail of the exploded version is just crazy and completely amazing!

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Star Wars Death Star Made from a Ping Pong Ball

Star Wars Death Star Made from a Ping Pong Ball

[Source:  FG-Site.net via Neatorama]

My birthday is just a couple days away and while I would absolutely love to have one of the giant fancy cakes that I am constantly posting on here, I would be just as happy with a relatively simple cake like this awesome Battlestar Galactica cake.  It certainly isn’t as huge and amazing as the Battlestar Galactica wedding cake I posted a while back but for a smaller cake, it is awesome!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who made this cake which features the BSG emblem, a Cylon basestar and a few Cylon raiders, but they did a great job!  I might not like the taste of fondant, but you can’t argue with how good it makes cakes look!

If you know who created this cake, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they deserve!  So say we all!

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Battlestar Galactica Cake

Battlestar Galactica Cake

[via That’s Nerdalicious]