Wouldn’t you love to be strolling down the street and suddenly come across some amazing Super Mario Bros inspired sidewalk chalk art?  I know I would, but not even kids play around much with sidewalk chalk where I live.

Well, somewhere, there is a a sidewalk with this amazing 3D Piranha Plant drawn on it so at least somebody is going to experience the excitement of stumbling upon this piece of gaming art!

Reddit user PunchyMcSkeletor created this awesome piece of 3D sidewalk chalk art.  Especially when compared to the awesome chalk art I have posted in the past, like the Portal sidewalk chalk art, I’d say this turned out really well!  Great job PunchyMcSkeletor!

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Super Mario Bros 3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art

3D Piranha Plant Sidewalk Chalk Art

[Source:  Reddit]

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Reddit and saw this amazing bead sprite which was made to look like the Legend of Zelda title screen from the old NES classic.  Unfortunately, I forgot to share it on here until I heard the news that it now holds the record for the world’s largest beaded sprite!

When I woke up this morning and jumped on Reddit like I usually do, I saw a new post from the creator of this awesome Legend of Zelda bead sprite, Kevin Gillespie (aka HighlyFlammableMan) showing off his award that he just received from the Guinness Book of World Records for his Legend of Zelda bead sprite which is apparently the worlds largest at 57,344 individual pieces.

Congrats to Kevin on the amazing job and world record!

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Legend of Zelda NES Bead Sprite

Legend of Zelda NES Home Screen Bead Sprite

[Source:  Reddit (award)  and Reddit (original)]

It seems like a lot of people see Jesus in their food these days, but I see the Joker in this pizza!  OK, so maybe this Joker pizza was deliberately created rather than just appearing at random, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome in my book!

I don’t know who created this awesome and fairly delicious looking Joker pizza, but I’d say it turned out really well!  I can’t seem to figure out what all of the black is on the pizza that makes it look like the joker but I would like to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Unfortunately, it breaks my #1 pizza rule: ALL PIZZAS MUST BE ROUND!  It is still awesome though!

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The Joker on a Pizza

The Joker on a Pizza

[via That’s Nerdalicious]

Have you ever sat around and asked yourself how much of a better place the world would be if somebody would mass produce TARDIS shoes?  Me neither, but I am not usually one to daydream about stuff that has no chance of happening.  Well, if you want some TARDIS shoes, you will have to make yourself a pair like these!

Apparently somebody took a pair of Converse All Star shoes and painted them up to look like the TARDIS.  I would say they turned out great!  Now if only they came in my size and I could buy them…

UPDATE:  These shoes were created by the company Canvas Warriors who creates hand-painted custom Converse shoes like these.  You can check out more of their Doctor Who themed shoes here.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Sneakers

Doctor Who TARDIS Shoes

[Source:  Canvas Warriors via Doctor Who Crafts]

It won’t be too long before I am in the market for a laptop bag because the straps on the backpack I am carrying are slowly coming apart (they don’t make stuff to last like they used to).  Well, when that day arrives that it is time for a new laptop bag, I want to replace my backpack with this awesome Star Trek inspired laptop bag!

Etsy seller WorldofLeathercraft is selling this awesome leather Star Trek inspired Vulcan salute laptop bag for $175.  This slightly expensive seeming Star Trek laptop bag is made out of vegetable tanned leather so I would think it would hold up pretty well but it still seems hard for me to justify spending that kind of money on a laptop bag, no matter how awesome it is!  Maybe you can!

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Star Trek Vulcan Solute Laptop Bag

Star Trek Vulcan Solute Laptop Bag

[Source:  Etsy]

The sad thing about all of the TARDIS stuff I have posted is that unlike the real TARDIS, they aren’t bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside.  Well, I suspect you could actually make that claim about this TARDIS purse!

Considering purses tend to take up more space when they are full of stuff compared to when they are empty, you could say that this TARDIS purse is bigger on the inside!  Also, I have seen women stuff way more stuff in a purse than would seem physically possible, so based on that alone, I would say this TARDIS purse is bigger on the inside!

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Doctor Who TARDIS Purse

Doctor Who TARDIS Purse

[via Doctor Who Crafts]