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  • Chart of E3 2014 Press Conference Times By Location

    Chart of E3 2014 Press Conference Times By Location

    While some people think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, I completely disagree (and not just because I hate the holidays)!  At least for myself and every gamer I know, E3 is the best time of the year.  Even though I have never been to E3 and would love to go some […]

  • God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it before but for those that might be new, my favorite franchise of games is the God of War franchise.  The other franchises I post about like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others hold a special place in my heart but God of […]

  • Custom Final Fantasy VII PlayStation Console Mod

    I have been a video game enthusiast nearly my entire life (I got my first console on my 2nd birthday) and having grown up on older consoles, I love to see people still doing something with them.  Whether it is playing them or modding them, I enjoy seeing that people haven’t forgotten about the great […]

  • This Metal Gear Bento Box Will Blow Your Mind! [pics]

    Being a food and video game lover, I have posted some really cool video game themed bento boxes in the past such as the DIY Super Mario bento box, Pac-Man bento box and Portal bento box.  However, as cool as they all are (and you really should check them out), they are all blown out […]

  • This God of War Cake is Fit for the Gods [pics]

    If there is one series of games that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves, it is the God of War series.  Sure, it gets quite a bit of attention in the PlayStation community, but for what I consider to be the best game series I have ever played, I think it deserves more […]

  • Playstation, Xbox and GameCube Video Game Console Cosplay [pic]

    It seems pretty common to see some video game character cosplay (the Super Mario Bros girls would be a great example), but its not often you see people cosplay as the actual video game consoles.  In fact this might be the only time I have ever seen anybody do this! I’m not sure who these […]