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For most Doctor Who fans such as myself, their enthusiasm doesn’t usually extend too far beyond Doctor Who t-shirts or maybe even some Doctor Who cosplay.  However, the guy that built a TARDIS control room into his house is not your average Doctor Who fan.  Considering I don’t know of anybody else who has done anything similar, I would say this guy has earned the title of the ultimate Whovain.

Australian DeviantART user crazyfoalrus (aka Jayman White) had a hexagonal room in his house so he decided to take a year and turn it into the TARDIS control room.  He built this entire room himself with lumber that he already had and discarded parts from his job.  He even painted the floor and did all of the lighting and electrical work himself.

I am very impressed and slightly jealous!  I wish I had a TARDIS control room in my house!  Check out the source link below for more pictures.

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Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Control Room

Custom TARDIS Control Room

[Source:  DeviantART via Neatorama]

I know Halloween is over and I promise to stop posting Halloween pumpkins soon, but there are just a couple more that I have found that are so good I can’t help but post about them.  This exploding TARDIS pumpkin carving is perhaps my favorite jack-o-lantern that I have seen this year and I am quite amazed at how well it turned out!

This amazing exploding TARDIS pumpkin carving (inspired by the Van Gogh painting in Doctor Who) was crafted by a Whovian known as Elizabeth (I don’t know a last name).

Doctor Who pumpkin carvings are cool and this exploding TARDIS jack-o-lantern is fantastic!

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Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Pumpkin Carving

[Source:  Doctor Who on Facebook]

For those that love science fiction and papercraft, I have posted a ton of cool sci-fi papercraft in the past including a 3D papercraft Darth Vader, a Battlestar Galactica papercraft Viper and even a papercraft Cylon Raider.  However, this is the first Doctor Who papercraft I have ever posted and it is amazing!

Blogger and geek Miranda Eubanks made this fantastic set of papercraft sonic screwdrivers for her Doctor Who loving friend for her birthday.  The detail on these papercraft sonic screwdrivers is quite amazing!  I am sure that the Doctor would approve!  I’d say that Miranda has one heck of a lucky friend to get something this cool for their birthday.

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Papercraft Sonic Screwdrivers

Doctor Who Papercraft Sonic Screwdrivers

[Source:  A Big of Geek]

Halloween is hard enough to navigate by yourself without tripping over a dozen kids begging for candy, but try doing it as part of a giant 2-person AT-AT costume!  As cool as this Star Wars AT-AT Halloween costume is, I think we have found a winner of the award for this year’s most impractical costume.

Instructables user Stkmach decided to go big with his costume this year and ended up making a really cool (and very large) Star Wars AT-AT costume.  This 2 person AT-AT costume is 1:6.5 scale and measure over 10′ tall and 12′ long.  If you want to check out how he made this AT-AT costume so you can make your own or just check out the pictures of its construction, check out the post over on Instructables.

If giant Star Wars costumes is something you love, check out the AT-ST costume I posted a couple of days ago.

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Star Wars AT-AT Costume

Star Wars AT-AT Halloween Costume

Star Wars AT-AT Costume Front

Star Wars AT-AT Halloween Costume Front

[Source:  Stkmach via Fashionably Geek]

One of the many gadgets that I take everywhere is my Kindle (Kindle Paperwhite to be exact and the Kindle 2 before that), but I have never had more than the rather boring (yet nice looking) official leather Kindle case.  Well, perhaps I should do what this person did and paint up my Kindle case to look like the TARDIS!

Doctor Who fan and Kindle owner krisisis is the awesome person that painted up their leather Kindle cover to look like the TARDIS.  I’ve seen TARDIS iPad case before (made out of duct tape), but I’m pretty sure this is the first TARDIS Kindle case I have seen.  I think I now have an idea of just what I want to do this weekend!

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TARDIS Kindle Cover

Doctor Who TARDIS Kindle Cover

[Source:  krisisis via Doctor Who Crafts]

Last year, I posted a some cool Star Wars AT-ST cosplay, and while I still think it was pretty great, this AT-ST walker costume absolutely blows it out of the water!  This is truly the ultimate Star Wars AT-ST costume!  This will be winning all of the Halloween costume contests this year!

This mind blowing Star Wars AT-ST walker costume was created by Star Wars fanatic Scott Holden.  It seems pretty obvious that when it comes to amazing Star Wars costumes, this guy doesn’t mess around!  If you want to see all of the construction pictures and details, hit up the source link below.  I don’t know how long this took Scott to build, but I’d say the result was well worth the time and effort put into this AT-ST costume!

Happy Halloween!

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Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay

Star Wars AT-ST Costume

[Source: Cockeyed via Fashionably Geek]