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Last year, I posted a some cool Star Wars AT-ST cosplay, and while I still think it was pretty great, this AT-ST walker costume absolutely blows it out of the water!  This is truly the ultimate Star Wars AT-ST costume!  This will be winning all of the Halloween costume contests this year!

This mind blowing Star Wars AT-ST walker costume was created by Star Wars fanatic Scott Holden.  It seems pretty obvious that when it comes to amazing Star Wars costumes, this guy doesn’t mess around!  If you want to see all of the construction pictures and details, hit up the source link below.  I don’t know how long this took Scott to build, but I’d say the result was well worth the time and effort put into this AT-ST costume!

Happy Halloween!

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Star Wars AT-ST Cosplay

Star Wars AT-ST Costume

[Source: Cockeyed via Fashionably Geek]

Ever since I picked up a couple of snuggies for dirt cheap off of Woot last year, the afghans and other blankets in my house have been stored away since I never use them.  However, if I had an awesome TARDIS afghan like this, I might be convinced to give sleeveless blankets another shot.

Doctor Who fan and knitter twenties-sweetheart spent about 8 months knitting this beautiful TARDIS afghan.  Apparently it fits a queen size bed and took about 5 lbs of yarn to make.  I am amazed at how well it turned out!

For the Doctor Who loving knitters out there that would like to make their own TARDIS afghan (or if you want to make one for me because you think I am awesome), you can download the pattern over at Ravelry (a crochet and knitting site).

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Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan

[Source:  twenties-sweetheart via Doctor Who Crafts]

Folding chairs are wonderful things.  Not only can they be stored in small spaces, they make for fabulous weapons in a professional wrestling match.  However, if there is one chair I would never want to smash over some guys head, it would be this awesome Doctor Who folding chair!

Tumblr user portraitsbypriscilla made this awesome Doctor Who folding chair for their son’s college dorm room.  I’d say that son is one lucky kid to get something like this for their dorm!

Folding chairs can be nice for working at a desk in a small room like a dorm, but beware of setups where the desk is underneath the bunk bed.  I used to have a desk under my bunk bed and one day as I was waking up, I rolled off the bed (still half asleep and not realizing I was already on the edge of the bed) and landed tailbone first on the back of the metal folding chair that was sitting at my desk.  Painful story short, my tailbone survived but the chair didn’t.

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Doctor Who Folding Chair

Doctor Who Folding Chair

[Source:  Doctor Who Crafts]

The flood of geeky pumpkin carvings continues as we are less than a day away from Halloween and this time I have found an amazing Weeping Angel jack-o-lantern!  Around Halloween last year, I posted a couple of awesome Doctor Who pumpkin carvings including a TARDIS pumpkin carving and a Dalek pumpkin carving (perhaps my all time favorite carving) so I thought I should continue the tradition with at least one Doctor Who pumpkin carving post!

It appears that Doctor Who lover and Tumblr user leslieanddobby is the creator of this fantastic Weeping Angel pumpkin carving.  I am very impressed with just how well it turned out!  I wish I had this kind of pumpkin carving skill!

Whatever you do, don’t blink when looking at this Weeping Angel pumpkin carving!

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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pumpkin

Weeping Angel Pumpkin

[Source:  leslieanddobby via Doctor Who on Tumblr]

It seems pretty much everybody around here, even non-Christians seem to be familiar and in most cases are able to recite the passage in the bible known as the Lord’s Prayer.  Well, it turns out that for Doctor Who fans, there is even a Timelord’s Prayer!

Although the Whovian Prayer below is made to sound a lot like the Lord’s Prayer, I am pretty sure that the Bible has no mention of Gallifrey, Cybermen or the Daleks.  Anyway whether you see this as just a fun Doctor Who take on the traditional Lord’s Prayer or you see Doctor Who as a religion, you will likely find this as amusing as I did.

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The Tmelord Prayer

The Whovian Prayer

[via Geeks are Sexy]

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you crossed zombies with Star Wars?  Well, I bet you never thought the result could be delicious!

While I have never been fond of the whole zombie thing, I do love Star Wars and thought this cake was a pretty clever mash-up between the two.

This bloody zombie Star Wars cake known as Evil Wars was created by Mimi’s Sweet Shoppe.  It features a zombie Darth Vader, zombie Darth Maul and zombie Senator Palpatine.

As for the delicious details of this cake, it is a strawberry/vanilla swirl with a buttercream icing cover in fondant.  Apparently red piping gel (whatever that is) was used to make the blood splatter look.  I’d say the cake turned out pretty cool!  It is definitely appropriate for this time of year!

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Zombie Star Wars Cake

Zombie Star Wars Cake

[via Between the Pages]