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Like many of you, one of the reasons I am most looking forward to the new Doctor Who Christmas special this year is because of the introduction of a new companion.  I loved the Oswin Oswald character that Jenna Louise Coleman (the new companion) played in the season opener so when I heard she was playing some other character when she is the companion, I was kind of disappointed although I am curious to see how they explain her being both characters.  Identical twin perhaps?  Who knows.

Anyway, if you loved the Oswin Oswald character as much as I did, I suspect you will love this awesome soufflé girl shirt!

The amazing people over at TeeFury are selling this Doctor Who ‘Soufflé Girl’ shirt for just $10 today only!

If the look of this shirt feels somewhat familiar, it is because the design was created by Megan Lara whose amazing shirt designs have been featured on Global Geek News several times in the past.  I am a huge fan of her art and own several shirts she has designed and this one will be no different!  I am headed to go buy this shirt right now and I expect you to do the same!  $10 for an awesome shirt like this is a steal!  It also makes for some cheap (yet good) Christmas presents if you have a special Whovian in your life!

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Doctor Who Oswin Oswald Shirt

Doctor Who Souffle Girl Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Not too long ago, I posted some really cool video game themed art where Mario and Luigi were made out of aluminum cans and this is the same kind of can art!  Instead of Mario and Luigi, in this case, one person created a Star Wars X-Wing fighter out of beer cans.

Flickr user and can crafting Star Wars enthusiast tom-tom1969 created this amazing X-Wing fighter out of recycled Kaiser beer cans.  I’d say it turned out looking rather spectacular!  R2-D2 riding on top is a nice touch too.

I’m curious to know how many cuts tamás kánya (tom-tom1969) ended up with after working with all of these old beer cans?  I would suspect a lot of blood would be involved in making aluminum can art like this although perhaps by the time you are good enough to make something like this X-Wing, you know how to avoid all of the sharp edges.

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Star Wars Aluminum Can Art X-Wing

Star Wars Beer Can X-Wing Fighter

[Source:  tamás kánya via Obvious Winner]

Are you looking for a cool Doctor Who towel to dry off with or just lay on?  Then now is the time to buy because this awesome TARDIS bath / beach towel is currently on sale for 25% off!

The amazing folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS bath / beach towel right now for $14.99 (25% off the normal $19.99 price).  Whether your are looking to dry off after a relaxing bath / shower or just want a towel that will let everybody else at the beach know you are a Whovian, this is the towel you need!  Make sure to buy it now before it goes back up to full price!

However, if you plan on using this as a beach towel, if you are like all of the Whovians I know, you might want to bring some extra sunblock (you should always wear sunblock on the beach anyway).

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Doctor Who TARDIS Towel

Doctor Who TARDIS Beach / Bath Towel

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

It has been years since I have had the pleasure of experiencing a live DJ but when you find a good one, they are absolutely amazing.  Well, apparently in a galaxy far, far away, even Princess Leia likes to get her DJ on!  Who knows if she is any good at it, but I would still at least check her out, especially if she is spinning the tunes on R2-D2!

Well, for those that like the idea of DJ Leia spinning records on R2-D2, then you are sure to love this shirt!

The fantastic folks over at TShirtbordello are selling this awesome DJ Leia t-shirt for just $10 (on sale from $14.99)!  There is also a women’s version of the DJ Leia shirt for $12.00.

I have a number of shirts from Tshirtbordello and they are a very good quality shirt so you can buy with confidence so get to shopping before the price goes back up!

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DJ Leia Shirt

Star Wars DJ Leia Shirt

[Source:  Tshirtbordello]

It wasn’t until last week that I finally started watching the Lord of the Rings movies.  I know, I am a bit behind and feel free to make fun of me for it in the comments as all of my Facebook friends are doing that already, but I just never had any desire to see them until recently.  While I still have the last movie to go, so far I am really enjoying the movies although they are a bit long for my taste.

Well, for those that are more hardcore Lord of the Rings fans than I am and who also have some knitting skills, I have found the perfect Lord of the Rings scarf pattern for you!

Ravelry user Diana Stafford uploaded the pattern for this ‘One Ring’ scarf that you can download for free assuming you have the skills to make this or know somebody that would make it for you.

If you want to keep your neck warm and love the inscription on the ring from Lord of the Rings, than this might just be the scarf idea for you!

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Lord of the Rings Scarf

Lord of the Rings Scarf

[Source:  Ravelry via Geeks are Sexy]

One of the things I really hate about my bedroom is the texture on my walls because it doesn’t play well with posters.  I suppose if I hit the lotto, I could have all of my posters framed and hung on the walls but that is too expensive so I just have a bunch of tubes of posters sitting around.  I tried hanging posters when I was a kid with some of that silly putty type stuff but it didn’t really like to stick very well and it would leave grease spots on my posters after a while.  Well, for the Star Wars fans that like to hang posters, I have found some posters you will love!

Etsy seller LynxCollection is selling this limited edition set of Star Wars posters inspired by the original trilogy for just $49.95.  These amazing Star Wars prints measure 11″ x 17″ and only 750 of them have been made.  The artwork on the posters was created by Drew Roberts and I would say Drew did an amazing job!

I wish I had the walls to hang these amazing Star Wars posts as I love the original trilogy but that is one remodeling job I don’t want to mess with.  I also kind of spent most of my money on all of the amazing deals I have found since Thanksgiving.  However, if you love Star Wars, have the right walls and some money, I suggest you go buy a set before they are all gone!  These would also make a great gift for any Star Wars fans you know this Christmas.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy Poster Set

Star Wars Original Trilogy Limited Edition Poster Set

[Source:  Etsy]