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Luckily the whole Rick Roll meme has largely died out but it never bothered me too much because I’m pretty good about smelling those things from a mile away so I only ever got Rick Rolled less than a handful of times but it was annoying having to keep my guard up constantly around people who I knew would try anything to get me.  However, I probably would have been happy to get Rick Rolled if there had been this awesome Klingon version back then!

The people behind the YouTube channel Commedia Beauregard are the creators of this awesome Klingon parody of Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” song.  For those of you who don’t speak Klingon (I know a little bit of Klingon, curse words mostly but I am not fluent in it like I would like to be), there are both Klingon and English subtitles so you can follow along and see just how well it translates into Klingon.  While the video feels like it cost six cents to make, the Klingon makeup is actually better than a lot I have seen so that is nice.

Now, go out there and try to Rick Roll all of your friends in Klingon!

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As cool as ice sculptures can be, I just don’t see the point.  They look neat but I don’t want to deal with a wet mess and it seems kind of silly to pay that kind of money for something that will be a puddle of water in a couple of hours.  Well, its probably a good thing that I’m not the only making the decision to make them because if I was, I wouldn’t have this cool Millennium Falcon ice sculpture to show you!

I stumbled upon this awesome Millennium Falcon ice sculpture over on Reddit a while back.  Apparently Redditor MissKitty_Fantastico had this at their wedding recently (congrats to the happy couple!) and if that wasn’t geeky enough, they entered to the Star Wars Meco disco remix and cut their cake to the Imperial March.  Sounds like a pretty cool Star Wars wedding to me!

If you want to check out more cool Star Wars ice sculptures, I’d suggest checking out the ones I have posted in the past like the R2-D2 and C-3PO ice sculptures, the AT-AT ice sculpture and the Imperial Star Destroyer ice luge.

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Millennium Falcon Ice Sculpture

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Sculpture

[Source:  Reddit]

Of all of the Angry Birds games (which I play almost all of them daily), I think the Star Wars version is my favorite.  It doesn’t feel quite as difficult as some of the other Angry Birds games can be which is nice from a frustration point of view but I also prefer the birds special abilities compared to the other games.  The only thing that I think would make the game better is if you had the option to play as the Empire too.  I think that would make for some interesting game play.

Well, since what I think would be good for the game will probably never happen, I guess I will just salivate over this awesome Chewbacca bird cake instead.

This awesome Chewbacca bird cake was created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes and I think they did a fantastic job with it!  My only complaint is there I have no real grasp of its size because there really isn’t something I can compare it too.  I think it looks big but for all I know it could be just a few inches tall.  I wish there was something to give me a sense of size for this cake.  Big or small, it still looks awesome.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

Angry Birds Star Wars Chewbacca Bird Cake

[Source:  Mike’s Amazing Cakes via Between the Pages]

Millennium Falcon Pizza

Jeremy Bray —  September 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Anybody that has been following Global Geek News for any decent length of time knows that I am addicted to pizza.  Never does a week go by where I don’t eat at least two pizzas and sometimes three.  My personal record is fifteen days in a row of pizza (one day I will break this but right now my new diet won’t let me) and if it wasn’t for circumstances preventing it, it wouldn’t have stopped there.

Well, speaking of pizza, about a month ago I posted a delicious looking Boba Fett pizza and since it seems people like the combination of Star Wars and pizza, I thought I would share this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza!

I am not certain, but I think the creator of this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza was the person behind the ‘I Love to Geek’ Facebook page.  I’d say they did a pretty good job putting this together!

It is a good thing that tonight is one of my usual pizza nights because this Millennium Falcon really has me craving some pizza.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pizza

Millennium Falcon Pizza

[Source:  I Love to Geek]

Whether you are a fan of Doctor Who or Torchwood, I think it is safe to assume that like the rest of the Whovian universe, you are probably a fan of Captain Jack Harkness.  I know he is probably my favorite Doctor Who character aside from the 10th Doctor of course.

Well, if you love Captain Jack like I do, then I have a feeling you will be just as excited about this awesome Captain Jack of Hearts t-shirt as I am that is on sale today!

The amazing geeks over at TeeFury are selling this fantastic Captain Jack of Hearts tee designed by WinterArtwork for just $11 today only!  Whether you have the other Doctor Who inspired card shirts from WinterArtwork and you are wanting to complete the series or you just want a cool Captain Jack shirt, then I’d recommend getting this shirt before its gone!

Also, buying the shirt after clicking the link above or the source link below helps support Global Geek News as they are affiliate links and we get a small percentage of the sale when we refer you so if you want to support us, go buy the shirt!

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Captain Jack Harkness T-Shirt

Captain Jack of Hearts T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

It never ceases to amaze me the crazy and awesome things that artistic people come up with.  I know I am not the artistic type just because I would never conceive of something as crazy and apparently awesome as Darth Vader combined with a tank in the style of steampunk.  I often wish I had been born as more of an artistic type but as long as I can at least appreciate cool art, that is good enough for me.  Speaking of cool art in the form of a steampunk Darth Vader Tank, the creation below is pretty neat!

Artist Gabriel Dishaw is the creator of this awesome Darth Vader tank and to build it, he used a toy tank (obviously), computer parts, typewriter parts, airplane parts, wire and more.  He was selling this work of art for $1000 but it looks like I was a little slow in posting about this because it is sold already.  I wouldn’t mind being the proud owner of it but I can’t afford to spend that much just to have a cool Darth Vader tank.

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Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

[Source:  Gabriel Dishaw via Nerd Approved]