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Despite the cold environment that I work in during the winter, I have never been one to wear a scarf.  As I get older and the cold bothers me more than it used to, I am starting to think that having a scarf might not be such a bad idea.  However, if there is one thing that would definitely push me over the edge and get me to start wearing one, it would be an optical illusion TARDIS scarf!

This mind blowing Doctor Who optical illusion scarf was created by Brilliant Knit Wit.  If you look at the scarf straight on, it appears to be just a blue and white stripped scarf, but when you look at it from an angle, you can see the TARDIS appear!  I didn’t even know something like this was possible on a scarf or how it is done, but it is amazing!  I want this scarf!

Speaking of Doctor Who scarfs, today (Wednesday, Feb 6, 2013) is the last day to enter to a 4th Doctor scarf so go enter the caption contest before its too late!

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TARDIS Illusion Scarf

Doctor Who TARDIS Scarf

TARDIS Illusion Scarf

Doctor Who TARDIS Scarf

[Source:  Brilliant Knit Wit via Fashionably Geek]

Futurama is by far the best cartoon ever made and if you disagree, you can bite my shiny metal ass!  Seriously, having grown up in the 90s, there are a ton of cartoons that I love, but Futurama is by far my favorite.  It may not be as kid oriented as many of the cartoons I grew up on, but even when I go back and watch old cartoons from my childhood, none can compare to Futurama.

Well, apparently I am not the only one with a love for Futurama as some cool guy got these awesome Futurama tattoos on his feet.  One one foot is That Guy, the businessman that froze himself while the other foot has Fry lighting the That Guy’s cigar.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who these feet belong to or who inked these awesome and brilliantly colored Futurama tattoos, so if you know, please let us know in the comments so we can give them the credit they deserve!

Speaking of Futurama tattoos, if you love the ones below, I suggest you check out the amazing Zoidberg tattoo I posted in the past as well as the religious Zoidberg tattoo.

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Futurama Fry and That Guy Tattoos

Futurama Feet Tattoos

[Via Fashionably Geek]

Whether it is in the comments, on twitter or on Facebook, it seems like somebody always makes the “is it bigger on the inside?” joke whenever I post something TARDIS related.  Its an appropriate joke for some posts but for many I feel like it is a little tired and overused.  However, once in a great while, there are actually cases where the TARDIS is bigger on the inside and this just happens to be one of them!

This awesome TARDIS that is the doorway to a home theater was created by friends of Reddit user holdingrabbits (not sure of the name of the friends to give them the credit the deserve).  Apparently the friend’s wife is a drama teacher with a talent for set design and decided to make this last summer.

I’m not sure what I am more jealous about, the fact that these people have a home theater and I don’t or the fact that they have a TARDIS entrance to a room in their house and I don’t.  Either way, I am green with envy.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Door


Home Theater in a TARDIS

Home Theater in a TARDIS

[Source:  Reddit]

While I think pocket watches are cool, classy and old fashioned, I have never had much of a desire to carry one.  I no longer even wear a watch since all of the gadgets I wear can tell me the time and frankly I don’t have the room in my pockets to even think about carrying a pocket watch.  However, if I ever decided to carry a pocket watch, I want it to be this amazing steampunk Iron Man pocket watch.

This awesome Iron Man steampunk pocket watch was created by designer Adi Simon.  You can see the steampunk style gears on the inside and it lights up like Iron Man’s arc reactor.  What can be cooler than that?!

I kind of wish this was available to buy because this would be a pretty cool conversation piece even if I didn’t carry it everywhere I went.

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Iron Man Pocket Watch

Steampunk Iron Man Pocket Watch

[Source:  Adi Simon via Obvious Winner]

Although I have had a lot of suckers in my day, I have to admit that I have never had a lollipop.  Its not that I wouldn’t mind trying one (I would love to), its just that nobody has ever offered me one and its not something I ever think about picking up when I am in a candy store.  However, if I ever find a candy store with a Death Star lollipop like the one below, I will definitely get one!

Although its not in a candy, you can get these Death Star lollipops on Etsy!  Star Wars fan and Etsy seller designerlollipop is selling this set of 6 Death Star lollipops for $12.

In case you needed another reason to get these awesome Death Star lollipops, they are marshmallow flavored!  I know I definitely want a marshmallow flavored Death Star!

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Death Star Lollipops

Star Wars Death Star Lollipops

[Source:  Etsy]

To be completely honest, I have never even heard of a proposal cake before seeing this Doctor Who proposal cake.  I have heard of engagement rings and whatnot to celebrate the popping of the question but a proposal cake?!  This idea just seems strange.  I’m not complaining as any excuse for cake is a good excuse for me, I just think it is a little odd… or ood.

Well, if you are going to do something less traditional like a proposal cake, you might as well do it right and have an incredible Doctor Who cake made for the event!

The awesome bakers over at Nerdache Cakes (who I have featured many times in the past which you can find by searching for them on the right) were the creators of this amazing Doctor Who cake that features various iconic bits of Who including the TARDIS and the 4th Doctor’s scarf.  Speaking of the 4th Doctor’s scarf, we are running a caption contest to win your own 4th Doctors scarf.  It ends Wednesday, February 6, 2013 so go enter before its too late!  Anyway…

The TARDIS (the real “cake” part of this cake) is banana cake with dark chocolate crunch bits and ganache layers while the two figures are made of fondant.  I’ve never had a banana cake before but it sure sounds and looks yummy!

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Doctor Who Cake

Doctor Who Proposal Cake

[Source:  Nerdache Cakes]